Relationship jungle..betas hyenas

Give credit when it’s due to who deserve it … the Manosphere is a jungle

… the alphas are the lion while the betas are the Hyenas …

imagine what the jungle would look like if the hyenas don’t eat leftovers

Just like in the jungle, the betas eat leftovers

( sometimes leftovers of what they even hustled themselves)

-The betas marry overwe!ght & obese vvomen

-The betas wife up baby mamas

-The betas commit to 33+ vvomen with high penile mileage

-The betas are the egalitarians who support fayminism and abide by the 50 / 50 rule

-The betas accept promiscuous vvomen who believe in body positivity
/ my body my choice
/ hook up culture
/ only fan etc

-The betas are cuckolds who “WILL” allow the alphas and other men to be in an open relationship with their wife / partner

-The betas accept what ever comes to them

If you think of it … betamales are some how playing a very important role . ( even though it’s on the detriment of emselfs)

Imagine a world where everyone is alpha … who would carry the baggages of these hœš ?


OP kwa Kijiji vs akiwa pale kwa ground

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Meffi advice

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The “food chain” heirachy

Beta ama alpha exists in the mind, maisha hainanga formula banae.

Unaweza oa a very young prewall soft meat na bado kanakushow dust vibaya sana despite religiously living by the “alpha code”

Hizi advice ni kama zile za “maintain eye contact”, sijui “firm handshake and walking like you own the place” to improve self confidence. Unapata mutu anatembea vifunny coz aliambiwa that’s how confidence is portrayed.