Relationship drama Leteni manoni na advice

Si zilikuwa zake za kuvaa.Kwani hujui fashion:D

Tangu Jan 2022 …kweli unatime na pesa ya kutupa

Hahaha umenikumbusha… my current chic found something in my place that was very obvious ako na wasaidizi wengi. I called invasion of privacy and demanded she apologize and we never speak of it again. I think she and I both know its bullshit…Im not proud of myself but needs must.

You are sitted on a ticking time bomb.

I know… im not a delusional idiot

Kusema ukweli hio ndio the reason bado niko lanye zone. I want to dryfry, but clearly hakuna exclusivity siku hizi, dem ataenda kuuza kuma bado. So why should I fuck this “gf” (hoe) with a CD and also be there for her emotionally, mentally etc when I can fuck a variety of hoes with a CD na nisideal nao baadaye. Maybe nikipata dem unicorn kidogo ntatry
As for you, hio chat unless unataka free entertainment haina haja. The fact that alitry kubeba hio ujinga yote pia ni disrespectful. Ukirudi utakuwa the worst beta of all time.

Meet with her, fuck her using a condom then give her 150, price ya shot moja Kwa malaya then leave. Huyo ni Lanye

Umepimwa? Naona ukiachiwa mdudu

Kuna wasichana mapimp kwa wingi siku hizi, nyumba zao zinatumika kwa usherati wanapata cut yao.

Are you trolling ama???..go for STI screening to make sure uko sawa…the audacity of you to even talk to the girl sijui unatoa wapi you should have forgotten her ka hayati

Jitoe mapema mzee juu hapa utachezwa na hutajua

Na webcam hoes pia. They rent a good apartment kama madem SITA then wanachapa mboka

Leta link yake ya onlyfans.

Im here for the slices. Lass has a body built by a pervert

Stop lying to men. A hoe is ever so proud of her whorish ways. And no hotter chic in this day and age who ain’t whoring for cash. From the pan into the fire kind of situation.

Does she understand why you are there?

in this forum we don’t take fishing advice from fish. Go create a women’s group elsewhere

Who told you I own RoseCoco?

I neither care nor understand what you’re talking about. I’m blocking your smelly ass.

If she has assorted condoms and lube at her house then there’s a 95% she’s a flesh peddler wale wa 1,500 sh per shot. If she lives in Roysambu or the surrounding areas of Mirema or Kasarani then there’s a 1000% that she is a flesh peddler. Enda Massage Republic and you’ll probably find her selling her pussy there. Hapo ondokea tu roho safi unless you want to be the stupid beta male that dates a woman that every man can fuck for a measly 1,500 shillings. Kunguru hafugiki.