Relation between Covid 19 and Diabetic patients

can an unbiased, qualified physician or biologist explain to me why diabetics are said to be in the risk group for people who can be overwhelmed by covid 19? mimi sioni venye story ya pancreas na lungs zinahusiana but they are said to be at high risk and some of the reported deaths have been people with diabetes.

Daktari haulizwangwi maswali ovyo! labda kama wajitakia kifo.

mimi sio doktari wala bilogist lakini najua through eye witness accounts, diabetics wakishika kidonda ni hatari sana sababu haiponi haraka… infact a small scratch candevelop into a life threatening very deep wound requiring even amputation…

halafu najua corona inakula lining ya lungs ndani, na kwangu na hii jaba biology yangu ni kumaanisha hiyo kidonda ni hatari sana for someone who doesnt heal their wounds easily like a diabetic…

hm, this actually makes sense logically. asante kwa insight,io taxin ikona wisdom kumbe

We should not treat having diabetes like Its a death sentence. People who are diabetic but have the situation under control lead what can be termed as normal lives.

i know,but they are said to be at higher risk. I am asking because a close family member is diabetic

Just encourage him/her to take immunity booster and alkaline products from natural superfoods like Baobab and Moringa (not the synthetic ones from pharmacies )Those two are very potent.