Relapsing to lanyes

I hadn’t fucked a hoe since Nov 2021 and it was something I was really proud of, on Wednesday I fucked a Doll house lanye on Thika road and PNC struck but I swore to follow the straight and narrow.

Jana I went to a club on ngong rd then we exchanged glances with a waitress, my friends left me and the waitress approached me and said how much I’d give her for car sex which was shocking to me but it activated lanyeing impulses. Next thing I know I was fucking her in my car and not gonna lie she was sweet af but I feel like shit. Any word of advice?

you are very brave.

if you can bump uglies with peeps who have formed resistance to most STI. noma.

Doll house:D slippery slope, it takes all your energy to resist.

Pole.Get married or get a decent girlfriend

This is never the solution

Embrace your inner hoe bila kusumbua.

Sielewi how a random waitress can just approach you to solicit money in exchange for sex

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waitress lanye this story sounds fake

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It was shocking to me pia, guess aliona I was really drunk akapata guts

Why would I be lying?

sawa huyu waitress ni lanye

Hapo kwa Waitress approaching you ni Uongo banaaaaaaaa… Tema Jaba

The major rooot cause is alkohol. First control the urge and location. Ukienda pub, feelings zitakuja. Do hoe instincts kick in when you high?

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Tema taxin … Waitresses wa club check out at 7 AM, so car shagging is out as its well lit.

Wee tupe contacts ya ngong

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]In 2015 when I was deep into sex with any and every woman that gave me that “look”, I was in a bar in ngong road, I saw a waitress who for some reason I was turned on just by how she looked in her work clothes, I made sure she served me and as the night wore on, I asked her for a threesome, which she obliged and invited a waitress friend of hers. We got a cab and booked a random hotel hapo ngong road where I fcked both of them and didn’t pay because I was too drunk to realize I spent my last shilling on booking the hotel.
the next morning I trekked back home with nothing but a broken cigarette in my pocket
You’ll be shocked by how funny life can be sometimes.
Those saying ni uwongo clearly have very little experience [/SIZE]

he has a problem with fucking hoes but you are asking him to get married? do you not know that marriage is where sex goes to die?

how is getting married a solution?


We believe you masta.Wachana na hao watu hawana life.The only life they know is playing ps and watching porn in their bedsitters when not drinking keg in very dirty keg dens