Rekindling the flame

this is bulshit, with women there is no predicting kama utaachwa ama huachwi…Especially in this age of sexual opportunity. and sexual attention.

Your best bet is to live your life fully, make money, take care of your needs, if she isn’t taking care of them. and protect your mental health.

Women change at whims and they expect to change you along with them…

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Hiyo part ya mwisho ni ukweli but that won’t slow me down brother.

Hapa umechoma, sikubaliana na wewe on that front.

As much tunapenda kuongeza mileage, a stable partner is a rare resource, mpaka uchungu upate, hata uvae masks ngapi za stoicism, sindano ya roho utapata.


Ni part gani hukubaliani?

What is a stable partner?..

since when did a woman become a stable partner, and all they do is trying their best to destabilize you at every turn?..


Mimi natamani sana kufika huko, what reliable shortcut can i use?

Naweza skuma population yote ya whites huko mileage mpaka ianze kusoma in light years.

Ex wangu wanted me to move there with her, lakini alikuwa bipolar siwezi survive, nilikuwa napiga hesabu za ku bail from her immediately after securing Visa but hesabu ilikuwa nyingi sana

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Tukubaliane si wote, the part I’m talking about being reasonable na a good partner " mental peace, not violent, respectful" mwenye home inakalika, like how our mothers were"

If you’re in your twenties (maybe early thirties….<35), then the easiest way is definitely on a student visa. If you’re older than that, perhaps maybe a skill-based visa assuming you work at a company with international presence in the US. Of course there’s also the option of cuffing a summer bunny akulete.

If none of the above is viable for you, then find someone who can invite you for a graduation/wedding/etc/etc and you might get a visitor’s visa (although getting an appointment for one at the US embassy in Kenya now takes too long and it’s even more difficult to get the visa approved after your interview……….focus on showing strong ties to your country so they’re convinced that you’re likely to go back home after your visit. Apa ndio wengi huanguka. You need to prove that you have strong family + business + employment ties to Kenya for a chance at getting that visa approved).

There are also special visas for skills in schedule A (such as nursing). Similarly, keep entering yourself into the DV lottery every year for a chance to win a green card. However, my recommendation is to come here on a student visa.

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Before uanze kusifu how your mother was, jaribu uketi na babako kiasi siku moja mpaka aamue kufunguka roho, hehehe… I am assuming wewe sio kijana ya singo mum, ama widow.


Kwetu home tuko very open, hizo ni shida za familia zenu.

Sisi hata vile makosa zili fanyika mzae alikalisha familia and apologised kwa mtu yeyote alikosea, at times ilikuwa kiburi ndogo, he’s hardworking na hajawahi leta ugomvi unnecessary ecesary nyumbani.

Mzae was raised in a single family but ni watu wako na very strict morals hadi wa leo, out of 8 of them, none have engaged in vices vitu kama pombe etc.

Kuna time hata mzae who held a very senior position in a private company, and got engaged in politics na kina Uhuru who sabotaged them, we almost got Auctioned Mathe, came through as a supportive mother na financially as well. Roles were reversed.

Mathe pia, ako sawa, mimi naweza Sema I had close to the representation of what a perfect family is excusing the normal human errors.


Niko late twenties, sounds like student Visa iko preferable, I’ll sit down and plan my options, i had sort of have a visitors visa option available, but getting a job huko ndio tishio sana, going abroad then coming back home to restart life again is a scare niko nayo.

I’m correct saying you can’t be employed under a visitors visa right? The option i was initially pursuing was to get a remote job then move, my sponsor initially suggested hiyo ya student Visa but too much of a commitment in education sahi sitaki.

Na hiyo story ya spouse visa i thought of it, but niliona ati unawekewa deadline of getting married within 6 months.

hakuna kitu kama dem mpoa.

wanawake wooote ni worhipers of satan :laughing: :laughing: