Reign of Impunity: Moderator @Purple in Pictures

I will do the same exact thing you usually do when people start to stray off the main topic. I will refocus you so you can answer the question I’m asking and not another question which you yourself have chosen to ask.

Your initial comment made it sound like the OP specifically targeted both you and her. I know that everyone is free to contribute and im not taking that right away from you. I’m just asking why you felt it necessary to mention that this was about you and her.

I know you understand exactly what I’m asking. Why are you pretending not to? This isn’t a complicated subject whose answer requires multiple pages to spread through.

Hii ni upus kama hupendi Trump hama kijiji!!

Ama uanzishe xenforo yako kama ile ya uwesmake. :smiley:

I highly doubt ganging up on madame @Purple will change her stand or resolve.

Umeingia matatu ya wenyewe now you want to control the radio… the air conditioning… the route the driver will take… na hata hujalipa fare !!!

Iss not possible.

I haven’t even focused on her or said I support anything said here.

I’m just asking you why you felt it necessary to pretend like this thread was about you too.

I’ve been led to believe that you usually have concise and factual answers to all questions asked without having to resort to personal insults that have nothing to do with the question asked.

See? I’ve even quoted the same exact portion of your initial comment.

Come on now … I know you get my meaning.

You haven’t answered the question and I’m guessing this will be the only thread where you don’t get to gloat over “winning”.

It was just a simple question. I’m glad i asked though …

Kwani ni dhambi ku defend purple?

Still not the point, but I know you know that too.

You’re pretty good at deflecting.

There is an infestation of those kinds of people on here.

My support for Putin is very low but I liked that he stopped US from wanting to unseat Venezuela president Maduro forcefully. My support in this forum has been mainly about Africans and Afrocentrism. I am into black consciousness.
I support Chinese investors Kenya for they have brought development in Kenya that has improved my life in terms of comfort.
I sometimes support Trump when he dismisses the gay agenda and things like abortions etc But his foreign policy when it comes to Iran and Venezuela and Syria is not good.

Jesus Lordy! Had not seen that one. Eti she cannot use Kenyan tissue paper because its low quality? Am I reading this right?

This has confirmed to me something very sad.

@patco ni malaya ya 150 tu

Purple nilikosana na yeye alipo leta u feminazi kwa kijiji na kungoa all safisha mecho threads .

Akwende kabisa huyo mama

Nimeona nilenge juu nimeskia ati you are not… how do I put this gently … all there. :smiley:

Very clever.

wueh! @Nefertities siumekasirika,avoid that troll he’ll get into your nerves

Not really. I was just hoping to “get schooled” but clearly, meh.

White knight naona ume land… to the rescue.

hi!!!, ama I have nothing to school you with? nevertheless I am not that useless ,I have something that I can screw you with,




He he he this is pure comedy. :D:D:D:D Patty nisaidie hapa. Kuna shida gani mtu akibeba tissues zake made in the USA? Pesa ni zake, mwili ni yake. Mtu hafai kuwa na preferences?