Reign of Impunity: Moderator @Purple in Pictures

If@Purple is a moderator in this website, then why does she post her own beliefs and dogma on polarising ideologies using the same hadle she moderates with? She is supposed to be neutral as far as this issue is concerned.


Then she goes ahead and posts this…

So I reported her to herself…

And this was her response…

Purple wants to be white. Since she cannot be white then the next best thing she can do is love whiteness more than she loves anything else. Those kinds of people, black on the skin, white in the inside are called Oreos. You know, like the Oreo cookies? They have very strange ways of looking at things. Most of the times they’re depressed. They never get tired of pointing out how good whiteness is because all they want to be is white.

I call them coconuts.

The worst thing is that you can’t even ignore her so you are stuck with coming across her one sided posts kila wakati.

Nilikwama ile siku alisema hawezi tumia pit latrine na akikuja Africa anabeba stock ya tissue paper kutoka kwa trump @Ice_Cube leta link.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dnaona umepewa stick from behind.

Apply lube, usisumbue kijiji.

Also keep your voice down with your whining.

Purple alikuwa Hillary supporter Mara ya kwanza kujoin kenyatalk. Huyu ukimsearch unaweza shanga she’s a registered Democrat

stop ferkin whinning,mutaambiwa mara ngapi kijiji ni ya wenyewe

Tommy wewe ni mgeni sana mitaa hii. Tuliza makay palee----------------------->
uone vile kunaendaga.

Gatundu Crescent ( shocking stuff, check photos ) - General - Kenya Talk

I have never seen any of you complaining when @Deorro wholeheartedly supports China , Xi Jinping and Putin and his Russia …

Sasa ati mmekasirishwa na one lady and one fellow called patco? :D:D:D

Two people vs over 300 of you !!!

Na mimi tayari nishakulwa block na Trump hater wote!! Si angalau mbakishe purple akuwe anawapatia updates.

In fact you fellows are not democrats. Look at all the hardcore Trump haters , they block anyone who supports Trump but mnataka nyinyi wenyewe mskizwe.

You are the “deciders” of democracy.

Like @Purple was asking today, what happened to real democracy!!!

Buuuuuuut I don’t see you mentioned anywhere on this thread?

Are there some hidden comments which some of us aren’t allowed to view?

Natetea purple who is being maligned for liking candidate Trump.

I get that, but why did you have to lump yourself in there as if you too were personally mentioned?

Swali tu.

Some people went to the states through scholarships and green cards na hawataki watu wapumue.

Madam are you sure you want to travel down this road you have chosen? :D:D

Unajua mwishowe when you are blocking me utasema uliongeleshwa vibaya and it won’t entirely be my fault…

Mr. Yunomi ni vizuri you know of oreos and what not. You often support Putin in your day to day arguments, kwani Putin ni Mwafrika???!

Mark you Russians are more racist than Americans.

I’ve never blocked anyone because I find it childish and cowardly. Plus, why would I limit the amount of information exposed to me simply because I cannot stand differing opinions?

Why are you asking me if I want to travel down “this” road as if i challenged one of your political views or something? I asked you a very simple question because I noticed that you inserted yourself into a situation whe’re you hadn’t even been mentioned.

The fact that both you and @Purple have perfected the art of trolling people by throwing the status of the US and Trump’s position isn’t lost on me. But that isn’t what I was talking about, is it?

Well it’s a free thread ain’t it? Nowhere did the owner of the thread specify that only purple can contribute