Rehabilitation Of Nairobi Railways Station on course



kupaka mavi marash

Was the plan all along to connect the sgr with the railways within the other counties?? If so then it was not an entirely daft idea kuchukua iyo Chinese loan in the first place.

Watoe izo mathree za ronga kwa entrance

Remember SGR na who knows how many hundreds of billions

Hawa watu who advice them? Instead of SGR ya gatheca wangeanza na renovation ya stations zote Kenya wide then they buy new coaches za kubeba watu. Wakibakisha pesa waunue locomotives mpya.

Profits are in cargo, not in carrying passengers.

They are recycling the old meter tracks za colonists instead of putting modern ones kama sgr

There’s a narrative about how it was planned to increase generation capacity by 5000 MW despite lack of industry or any other large consumer of said power. In fact, kulisemekana kutawekwa electric trains throughout to use up the cheap power that would come… SGR na obsolete diesel locomotives. Billions in a railway bila stima. Tofauti na lunatic express hakuna

Kazi kwao

Pesa kwetu

that was not the original intention. When the Chinese and Kibaki were planning for SGR, they were basing it on the ecnomodic model of Thika Superhighway.

It as being projected that Kenyan exports would continue growing as the government of Kibaki was serious about liberalization, opening up education opportunities for citizens, which was meant to lead to a more productive population with more to export. Nobody could have foreseen the complete shitshow that was about to become Kenya in the Jubilee kafament.

While it is true our GDP has been growing, the rate has dropped significantly from projections as well as the growth of exports that was. The connection with the old rail is a last minute attempt to try and boost usage for SGR.

All they had to do from the very start is cease their obsession with county fights and politics, focus of econmic growth and the SGR would actually be a blessing, just the thika super highway.



Now that totally makes sense but the goose has already been cooked, if they are hoping to see results before 2022 wameanguka mtihani. Counties should have invested in agricultural value addition and development of manufacturing industries eons ago in order to satisfy needs of the local market then work on the export market.

good work Uhunye

Which profits have they ever made

How did Kibaki open up education opportunities without constructing schools?

who told you there is a problem of schools in Kenya? He made it possible for people who would have been locked out of basic reading and wrting skills have acess to basic reading and writing skills. Kibaki was the first president in Africa to come up with the idea of a CDF fund that would be used to construct schools.
Of course I understand you are child without much brainage and you do not remember there was a time access to a basic primary school education required you have some money. However small, it was a barrier, and it locked out millions of kids in Kenya out of basic education. Things you take for granted today did not exist just a generation ago.

Many people have spent their entire lives looking for how kibaki was another simpleton that fits into their description of a money-hungry leader that was only interested in self-enrichment so that they can equate him to their god rao and they always come up short.

You also take for granted that today, all you need to build a new school is to construct it and TSC will automatically send you teachers. it is just something that happens from heaven, build a school, teachers are posted and they actually show up to teach.