Registering a company to run Do you outlets

The type of company falls under financial services but do not require certificate from the CBK. The type of company can also participate in other few business activities as a limited liability. This was once a great business opportunity for the youth but then the business registration process and tender acquiring failed to meet their fast need for money due to high competition within the market. My concern here is whether there are other opportunities within similar mobile banking companies within our neighbors Tanzania, uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. Somebody plz

"[SIZE=3]Do you outlets" what type of business is this?
Am very curious[/SIZE]

Same here

Hapa pia

pia hapa

Ok. All these mpesa shops you see are managed by an individual called an admin. Who owns a company under which several shops operate within. This is the guy who earns 20% commission from all these outlets he owns , approximately 100… We call them ‘Do you outles’ precisely from an admin portal

Which business class did you take?

I still don’t understand where "do you outlets’ comes from? What you have described is the aggregator model by safaricom mpesa!