Register your sponsors’ details at the Dean's office, local university tells female students

A local university has directed its female students dating ‘sponsors’ to disclose such information to the institution’s dean of students office in the face of the recent killings in the country.

The college principal has asked the students to register their sponsors with the school so that in the event of anything, the school will be in a position to handle the case.

“We don’t want to be caught unaware when something terrible happens in future. That is why we feel there is need to capture some of these things,” a source close to the university said.

The college principal has since hired additional security guards to patrol the college during weekends after reports emerged that local MCAs often picked women from the institution.

The female students are having none of that.They want the rule to be abolished.

Meanwhile, any ‘sponsor’ who visits the college to pick girls has to record their details in a giant ‘sponsor’s book’ at the gate.

picha ya giant sponsors book

Copy ya memo na samples ya sponsors register. Kama hauna toa mharo kijijini.



Hii inakaa zile Galana Kulalu za Crazy Monday

Or even a google maps location ya hiyo gate…

kwani leo ni siku ya crazy Monday?

Hii ni (U)Rongo university, tafuta maasai ya kupea giant stories nugu hii.

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hahahah… Giant sponsor book