Reggae Fans

Have you ever taken a hard look at reggae fans? Have you ever noticed the similarities? Anyway, this is my analysis. The reggae fans are the little shits who are stuck in their own heads. Niggas whose favourite hang out joints are mogoka bases and wines and spirit shops. These cats have funny voices caused by the cheap dry liquor they swallow without diluting. They feel like they are the coolest guys on the planet coz they can imitate how Jamaicans talk. Most of these guys work as kamagera, shoe makers, jua kali artisans and hawkers. Never seen any in the white collar sector.

They are also addicted to cheap alcohol, they look thin, haggard and emaciated. I don’t think they eat much. Plus they have some sort of injuries on their faces. Injuries caused by fights and falls on hard surfaces when they are drunk. These cats only listen to ghetto radio and their role models are Mbusi and bonoko. Some of these guys are married and have one or two kids. Their only upside is that they never forsake their families. Nigga would do hard work all day and take something home. They also love their kids. This is just my opinion. I associate Raggae music with losers.

Nini? Reggae fans have more sense in their heads than yusilesi bablon wannabes.

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There are people who love reggae music and don’t fit your description

Ambia huyu jamaa. Let me speak for myself. I love reggae. I’ve never chewed any twig, be it mogoka, veve etc. I dont do makali. I did GK but niliwacha. I’m 80kgs +. Sijui kama hiyo ni emaciated and thin in your opinion.

I’m a professional in white collar. In a nut shell, music doesnt really define anyone. Your conscience and morality does.

And me I have chewed mapaka muguka, smoked weed, and taken makali, and I am a white collar professional.

The reggae fans you describe are in the majority, no lie there. But there are also some reggae fans who dont fit your description.

My friend there is a big difference between reggae fans and Rastafarians. The former is a music genre while the latter is a religion. What you just described is the image of a hardcore Rastafarian. There is a large mass of people who love reggae but don’t suck to the ideals of Rastafarianism as a religion.

Wewe hujui utamu ya reggae ukichana.

I listen to reggae alot, im a big hiphop fan but cant stant the shit they rap about nowadays. Try listen to some dj khanji, reggae joint 2017, carribean explosion vol 2, reggae covers vol 2 all by dj kanji.

I love reggae music but i don’t fit in that your verbal puke.

you expect a hustler to be at an upmarket joint??? akamwage pesa yote uko sio? you work with what you have. am sure kuna mtu ataona joint we hukunywa aicheki kama dingy of some sort

You are right you have described 90% of reggae fans , unruly and thugs

:smiley: When I started clubbing in Nax I used places like 7D were upmarket

I am opposite of all your empty head has stated…and am a die hard of reggae…but you can never tell…wacha ku stereotype kila mtu ghaseer

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Usiseme hivyo

I think you should have used the word “Majority”. Wale vijana wakuita wenzao ‘brathe’.
I like them because they are my customers. The thing is when you treat people well, you live in peace. Wema hufuatwa na wema.

Unawauzia nini?

I have a local. Base ya ball na pombe, makali most.