Regarding Arbitrary Bans and Rogue Mods

Let me throw my two cents.

Admin and his mods have tried very hard to justify the ban on Jirani, and to some extent, it is very understandable. Whereas most of Jigranny’s comments come out as funny rather than insults, there are times he goes to the extremes and openly utters words that would qualify as hate speech. Admin was right to ban him. It was just a matter of time before several other villagers followed him and started engaging in full-blown tribal exchanges. Then admin would have found his site under the CA’s radar, threatened with being mashadad. Congratulations Admin.

But what about Wakanyama and Jakoyo? These guys did not do anything bordering on hate speech. Wakanyama only had beef with Jirani, not "dim eyes’ as a whole. And it is normal for talkers to beef one another. Jakoyo on the other hand was banned for insulting the admin- just one person. Should everyone who insults the other get a lifetime ban? In which case, all of us would be out of here. Beefing among talkers is part of life in this slum. Mods should not intervene in such cases, and if they are involved, they should get off their mod status and beef with the said talker like a real man, not some wimpy bitch.

Which leads me to the next issue. Are mods immune from the rules of this village? If I exchange insults with a mod (yaani, namtusi na yeye anitusi), and if I am to be banned, it is only fair that the said mod faces the same fate. And then there are mods who abuse their power. A certain talker was banned, and the reason given was “Because I can”. Mark you this was after the two (mod and said talker) had traded insults over a period of time. I ask again, are mods immune from the rules? And @admin, where do we report rogue mods? Can we trust @old monk to ban @Electronics4u or vice versa? Can we trust the Admin to discipline his henchmen? Can I trust that “Report” feature to report a mod?

Ata polisi kuna IPOA. I suggest that the mods regulate members, and where a ban or suspension is effected, the reason be clearly given. Meanwhile, the mods should be regulated by the members. Am thinking of having a system to evaluate the mods, like you get a point for a job well done (like annihilating Jirani) and you lose a point for any umeffi act, like banning Wakanyama. Any mod who goes below zero points should have his powers suspended for 2 weeks ama afanywe raia NV wa kawaida for life.

Poleni, my Kshs. 0.02 zimeisha.


Yaani mnataka kusema hamjawai shikanisha ati @admin = @Deorro?
Why are ya’ll niggas so slow?


Tell them this: [FONT=Courier New][SIZE=3]EAT A BAG OF DICKS![/SIZE][/FONT]

Go through all of admins posts…zimejaa tuu hot air…you try and dig for a point na huioni…anyways #ferkadmin

monkey is the worst rogue evil arrogant worserthanjakenya MOD in the world achujwe vile amechuja shemeji and others bila reason



Really? So, reporting deorro to admin is like beating water with pestle?


Exactly. Hasemangi kitu ya maana.

Utachunjwa sana. Is this the same old monk who was terrorized in KLost mpaka akakua introvert?


Si watupige kalamu sisi wote wabaki wakiongeleshana…ikue kama jamaa/mnyama anapata ndizi anakula maganda anatupa ndizi.

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Do tell!

Do you think this is acceptable?

Your semeji was banned by mtu wa sqny, and i bet it was justified. Leave monk out of this.

I’m withholding info mpaka @Jirani and @Jakoyo are reinstated.



Jirani must be reinstated

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Post a similar one from Jirani.

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Until Jirani is back, #ferkmods!

Does that even qualify to be regarded as hatespeech?

Support for extermination of another community, if that’s not hate speech then you’re living in another world


@satan alifanya nini? he just insulted a troll and got banned




hii kushrub inakumulika as the aviator mwenyewe but wacha kutuwia oswahili prissssss .

I’ve seen worse in this forum. And in the quoted sentense sioni anywhere amesema he wants another community exterminated. Hebu weka the full context.

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