Refugee Crisis

Aljazeera online headline says: Greece begins Idomeni refugee camp evacuation.
Daily Nation says: UN won’t yield to Kenya’s decision on refugees.

Why do these bazungu think they can tell us what to do? Dadaab should have been closed like yesterday right after they became sympathetic to alshabaab cause.

huku ndio ile INDOMIN hutoka ?


Unajua nilisoma hiyo kitu nikasema I’ve heard that word before. Inamaanisha nini?

FYI salon is now closed. Leo niko off.

Daadab ikifungwa nani atanunua makaa inachomwa na KDF…

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Si KDF wako Somalia, watanunulia huko kwao. At least hakuna VAT

Daadab won’t be closed



That’s not what that article says. WSR said that the decision was not to strong arm the international organizations to avail more funding. The announcement was final.

Kama uhuye amesema ifungwe itafungwa si ati tunahitaji ruhusa ya walami



Bumbu sauce noodles.

They want us to give them citizenship instead of repatriation which government wouldn’t accept. UN and NGO’s claim that 26 yrs is too long for them to go back home. Total BS. Mogadishu is peaceful and some districts fully rehabilitated. Let them go back and join the rebuilt. 500,000 new citizens, including collaborators of alshabab wouldn’t get citizenship hapa.


These guys take us for fools, they are demanding that we not only suddenly and unnaturally increase our population by a whopping 12.5% but also take on the financial burden of educating, feeding and housing this population for a generations to come, yet we can barely manage to do the same for our legitimate citizens. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Why don’t the rich western or arab countries take them?:rolleyes::rolleyes: Sounds like economic sabotage at best.
On the political front bearing in mind the secessionist shifta wars of the 70s in that region, it would be foolhardy of kenya to accept a “Trojan horse” population owing allegiance to a neighboring state, the ramifications would be disastrous. Turkey refused to take in kurdish refugees , kwani sii ndio wajinga???:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
It would also shift the religious balance of power in kenya and probably lead to increased radicalization.
Uhuru and Ruto should kaa ngumu on this one let the camp be moved across the border !!!


Exactly, the entire camp should be moved. Closing it down and telling them to move to Somalia won’t work because the border is very porous. What would stop them from coming back to Kenya for greener pastures? Once they’re here it’s easy to mix in with the rest and maybe even obtain fake IDs.

As much as I feel sorry for the kids and women and all the innocent people.
It’s time they took a permanent solution to the situation .
These camps have been running for decades.
It’s no secret it’s a money making machine for many, including the muzungu, but look at how kenya particularly has been infested by foreigners.
Of course watumishi kwa wote and those in government have escalated the situation over the years.
I recall days when a native Muslim or Somali kenyan had to produce all kinds of documents to secure an ID, just because some corrupt guys had been selling passports and citizenship to Somalis.
If you look back keenly rent was affordable until the Sudanese guys started taking apartments an houses and paying up to six months rent upfront .
All in all I think we as Kenyans through our corrupt ways have led this crisis to our door step.

someone argued that we are sending them to a war-tone land and i asked myself why don’t they be recruited to go and liberate their own land and make it a paradise for the next generation