Referendum is a distraction

Guys Njoya has penned excellent article why referendum is bulshit and a distraction to our main problem which is poor economy
Very nice article someni

Hii katiba ni mefffiiiii.
Committee of expert should be jailed for theft of intellectual property.
They plagiarized another country katiba and then impose it on us.

Uyu Mutahi anasema nini hapa ivi


…“It’s difficult to make money if you are not in politics. The laws and economy are structured so that if you’re not a politician, or if you do not have politician friends, you can barely make it as an “entrepreneur”. And if you’re not a Kikuyu connected to the Kenyattas, it is even harder for you to join the elite. All you can do is negotiate with the Kenyatta elite or its ethnic representatives.

However, this relationship between politics and economics is now a catch-22 because you need money to run for office in order to be in a position to grow your business. This means that without education, poor people stand a slim chance of social mobility, unless they find the formula to steal. And stealing means that you can never go to jail because you have enough to bribe a judge, assuming charges are leveled against you in the first place.”

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The Elephant - Speaking truth to power.

And they charged us billions of shillings for a bad job. Yash Pal Ghai and his band of NGO crooks smiled all the way to the bank.
They told us that we should not worry about it because we will repair it as the years progress. How do you drive away from showroom with a car with serious issues? DP William Ruto was right, we shouldn’t have passed the constitution the way it was. Uhuru, Raila and kina Kalonzo were wrong.

And its the same katiba,that Uiliam said was not fit that will propel him to the house on the hill. Assuming things remain as they are. How sweet!

@Wechez hapo umegonga ndipo we copy pasted the American constitution

Shida ya Kenya si economic reforms. Ni corruption. Hiyo tu. Once we grasp that corruption permeates everywhere…

Umeona Kenya Publishers Association defending those textbooks? Do we really have an idea what kind of kids we are raising? Kuwa mpole uone ma DJ Afro wakuwe maMP halafu waende walegislate hizi economic reforms. .

Oh shiet

Corruption is there because the ruling elites allows it. Once you get comfortably close to power, they allow you to be corrupt, and amass wealth.
Case in point NYS 1.

Mutahi is becoming senile