Reesa Teesa marriage from hell

When I tell you don’t mess with chimpanzees, this is why. Imagine being able to tell a story of one chimpanzee for 7 hours. From marriage to divorce 7 hours. Yaani I’ve tried to even talk one hour its just too much. Can you imagine the kind of life some people have been living. 7 hrs of nothing but horror stories from one man. The things women do for love. Lemme steal you a secret my dear ladies, if a man has a problem and you see it, once, twice, thrice, five times. Realise that if you are not willing to live with that problem, things aren’t going to change. It doesn’t matter if you stay for one year or 40. People get divorced after their kids move out and you are like why now? You tolerated it through the years. If you can’t live with somethings you can’t. You will be falling ill trying to hold on to something that you know that you can’t live with.

There’s a place for tolerance and then there’s a place for choosing yourself. Your mental health, your physical health plus your dignity and peace of mind. I see women getting high blood pressure, ulcers, tumors, cysts from relationship stress. A woman is ten years younger but her body is so weak and always plagued by one illness or the other. You can’t lie to your body. Even diseases like cancer are borne out of stress. Why can’t we as women just love ourselves and say no to what is toxic to our well-being? I know our upbringing teaches us to put everyone first but we can unlearn that so as to protect ourselves.

Some women need to go into rehab bcz of the things they have allowed men to put them through. They have been infected with incurable diseases, they have gone bankrupt bcz of giving money to men, money from loans etc.

Look. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. Not after 20 years. Your life isn’t that long to be wasted on alot of bullshit like you don’t deserve happiness and tranquility in your life. Men have no qualms leaving toxic relationshits bcz they’re taught to love themselves and put themselves first.

When I look at these stories like the woman who went to the US using her own money and did shopping and gave the man money and the other one who took a guy to Diani with her own money, I realise that I have never seen anything in relationships. I am practically a virgin in man induced hell. But it’s bcz I hate suffering from avoidable problems. If I am to explain why I left the relationships I left it looks like a picnic in comparison to these stories but I couldn’t tolerate it. My tolerance is just low like that. Infact I have vumiliad my female friends alot more. Chalking it up to the problems of woman hood like PMS.

I will be damned if I will put up with all the BS I can’t avoid then I have to go home to more BS. I just don’t have the strength for it. I don’t. I don’t. I just don’t. The only two men I truly loved are dead. I feel privileged to still be here and for that reason I am not about to put up with BS that’s completely avoidable.

Anyway enough about me, @KuwaitBabe look at all the drama women be going through over these chimpanzees. Afadhali ingekua junguu tungeelewa kidogo but all this for a monkey hell naw. Kila mtu akae kwake. Nigga bye, let me die of loneliness than put up with this crap.

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