Reesa Teesa : Leave chimpanzees in the zoo afadhali junguu any day

So warembo bado naona munapigwa character development hapa nje but why and especially wenye muko mayuuu with all those junguu men. Black women just like suffering for nothing. Wacha niitwe racist but let this not be my life. Mambo zenye ata haziwezi make movie bcz they make no sense. What else do you think a chimpanzee can offer you? Other than problems and horror stories to give people shock value on social media. Mimi kama kuna vitu mbili sichezagi nazo ni bhangi na chimpanzee. Very dangerous things.



If you have not listened to Reesa Teesa‘s story please do. Listen to it at 1.5 speed if you don’t have the patience, but make sure you listen to it. Because like someone here said, it makes you realize that men are capable of much worse things than even cheating. Yes. We should not condone cheating. But there are men capable of far much worse.

I have a similar story and was married to a pathological liar. They will do anything to make you believe their lie. Just as alcoholics are addicted to alcohol, pathological liars are addicted to lying.

Am not a psychologist or psychiatrist but from my experience, pathological liars lie about things they should or do not need to lie about.

My ex husband used to lie mostly about money. He would lie to me about getting a job or a money deal and we would make our life decisions based on how much he will be making from the fake new job or fake money deal.

Needless to say he messed us up a lot because LIES WILL ALWAYS CATCH UP WITH YOU EVENTUALLY.

One time I remember he used to wake up everyday pretending to go to work for a whole 2 months. He would wait for me to go to work then come back and lounge in the house the whole day then step out again before I come back. He would then reappear at around 6pm like he just came from work. At the end of the month he would say his bosses have not paid him.

How I found out: my intuition told me, believe it or not. I just acted on a gut feeling and called his work place only for the person on the other end to tell me that he got fired a 2 months ago.

One time he lied even to my parents for a whole 3 months about some car he was ‚importing‘ for them, and even went with my father to Mombasa to collect the ‚new vehicle‘ only to take my old father from one car yard to another for 3 days and when he knew quite well there was no car in the first place. They came back empty handed when my father realized ex husband had been lying about it all along. Did I mention the money to import the car (1.8 million) belonged to my father and he had entrusted my ex husband with the whole importation process? What he did with the money is a story for another day.

There are so many things he did and said that ended up being lies in the end. I listened to my intuition each time, and always uncovered the truth. He did this for a period of 2 years until we broke up for good.

Pathological liars are on the outside very ‘good husbands and fathers’ but once you uncover their masks, God help you if you actually don’t feel the need to unalive them. They are addicted to lying and it starts from when they were kids.

I will find courage soon and educate women here against pathological liars because they fk your life up in a way that recovering is an uphill task, you almost wish that he would cheat instead of being a pathological liar.

I would like more ladies to also share their experiences on such stories because it is more common than we think.

Girlies, pathological liars are irresponsible bottom of the barrel m3n. No HVM is a pathological liar, remember that.