Reducing the number of MPs #ReduceParliament

As IEBC embarks on redrawing constituency boundaries, Thirdway Allince has started a spirited campaign to reduce the number of MPs and MCAs. I personally think this is a very noble and timely idea given how much it costs to run that one building and what we get from it. Think about it - what are the last 3 debates about?

  1. Someone blackmailing them with nude pics
  2. MPs trying to fire a CS coz she fired a person from their tribe. This ‘paralized’ the August Hse and required executive intervention
  3. Senators unceremoniously firing the minority leader coz of the handshake.

For this clowning, we pay KSh 23 billion (or KSh 55 million per MP in 2014/15) per year. No wonder they kill people for these jobs.


Good move, should have been the proposal in 2010.

Ironically aukot is part of the constitution committee that gave us this bloated constitution and said it was perfect.

walete haraka…hiyo nitachora aardvark …

on a serious note we only need two mps per county. ukiongeza woman rep gender requirement itakuwa imepatikana automatically. plus nine special interest members for a maximum of 150. half the current parliament. “punda amechoka!” (to steal a slogan)…

Hii wafanye haraka au turushe mawe parliament. Na hata senators wote wafutwe kazi for hakuna kitu wanasaidia.

After IEBC does it’s work, parliament will have the last say on it, ama parliament has to adopt it as it is ?

A good proposal but do you honestly expect the pigs to allow it to go through?
This is one area where party lines don’t matter, they will all oppose it unanimously.

It can be forced to go referendum way. Depends on how president is committed to make it happen. But if he isn’t committed to it then it’s as good as dead

Nyahururu town iko laikipia ama nyandarua county? Just asking.
[ATTACH=full]164011[/ATTACH]nani ako hapa nimnunulie GK moja

Tafuta malaya wa huko uwanunulie Kang’uthu.

Wakuwe na mbili mbili?

Am finished.

Unacheka nini ng’ombe hii.
Mathais supermarket ni ya gukaguo?

The catholic church was against this constituition but Tinga and company LIED to kenyans eti KAMA SIO SASA NI SASA HIVI.
Majority of the people who were for the new constituition are BENEFICIARIES of it.

They literally wrote their job descriptions.

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Hawawezi jifuta kazi so Aukot anafanya zero work

I don’t know. The reason it is a petition is so that it doesn’t require MPs to like it!

Read up on the constitution. Either parliament or petition. This is where the people tell parliament ‘kaa kando’

  1. Amendment by popular initiative

257.(1)An amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by a popular initiative signed by at least one million registered voters.

(2)A popular initiative for an amendment to this Constitution may be in the form of a general suggestion or a formulated draft Bill.

(3)If a popular initiative is in the form of a general suggestion, the promoters of that popular initiative shall formulate it into a draft Bill.

(4)The promoters of a popular initiative shall deliver the draft Bill and the supporting signatures to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, which shall verify that the initiative is supported by at least one million registered voters.

(5)If the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is satisfied that the initiative meets the requirements of this Article, the Commission shall submit the draft Bill to each county assembly for consideration within three months after the date it was submitted by the Commission.

(6)If a county assembly approves the draft Bill within three months after the date it was submitted by the Commission, the speaker of the county assembly shall deliver a copy of the draft Bill jointly to the Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament, with a certificate that the county assembly has approved it.

(7)If a draft Bill has been approved by a majority of the county assemblies, it shall be introduced in Parliament without delay.

(8)A Bill under this Article is passed by Parliament if supported by a majority of the members of each House.

(9)If Parliament passes the Bill, it shall be submitted to the President for assent in accordance with Article 256(4) and (5).

(10)If either House of Parliament fails to pass the Bill, or the Bill relates to a matter specified in Article 255(1), the proposed amendment shall be submitted to the people in a referendum.

But going by the past trend, parliament always gets it’s way despite what the constitution says.
SRC recommended pay cuts for all MP’s.
What happened?
How come the common mwananchi can’t petition that?

Actually, I saw that petition somewhere. The proposal caps their salaries (300k?) and number of committees (allowances) they can sit on. I don’t know what parliament will do but I can see why they succeed - people ask for it and then fight it when they see it. Makes it easier for the pigs to kill it.

The ones you voted in?