Reduced tax for USA Olympians

America’s Olympic athletes will no longer pay a so-called victory tax under a bill President Barack Obama has signed into law. The IRS will now be prohibited from taxing most medals or other prizes awarded to U.S. Olympians.

The U.S. Olympic Committee awards cash prizes to medalists, ranging from $25,000 (KES 2.5M) for gold to $10,000 for bronze. The money has been considered earned income, thus making it subject to what some lawmakers have called the “victory tax.” The measure would, however, permit taxes on high-profile Olympians such as multiple gold medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps.

Kwa nini haukuweka picha ya ndume kama Michael Phelp ukaweka picha za jailbait? Hapa naona actions speaking louder than your words…

Sema tu unataka picha za mandume. Here you go


ule Shelly Ann Fraser/Price,…acha tu