Reduced Fuel efficiency

Jalopy ni a 2010 Allion. Fuel efficiency has reduced to am average of 11km/l from an average high of 17km/l when i got it >5 years ago.

I have changed Spark plugs (denso iridium) but no change so far.

In your experience what causes this and how did you do to remedy this? I’m realistic enough not to expect it to reach 17km/l but 14km/l should suffice.


Toa izi iridium stuff. Go to Toyota Kenya, get the recommended spark plugs. Also while there, get the Toyota engine oil, they’ll give you the recommended viscosity for your car. If you’ve not done your service, it’s about time, autoexpress preferably. Fanya wheel alignment pia. Lastly get petrol injector cleaner and fill full tank with the highest octane level petrol you can get, I bet ni 95 VPower.


Service kit i get from Toyota. I use their oil, Ile ya lexus 5w40. Service is done promptly, i don’t compromise on this, ever. Alignment pia i check regularly.

Nitajaribu hiyo ya Vpower nione.


VPower will give you crazy figures, 20KMs to the litre because it burns slow. Problem is that it’s too expensive than the unleaded 91 which burns on ignite, thus less KMs but try cleaning your nozzles first then resume the usual fuel.

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