Redpillers should just convert to Islam

Redpillers wako na shida mingi na madame should just convert to Islam. See Islamic rules:

Redpiller akipata dame mwislamu si atalala na viatu? :grin:

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Tattoos na piercing ziko wapi? Achana na watu wa red peels, they’re just a bunch of financially frustrated, aesthetically challenged mails. Cults are available to all desperados.

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What about those cheap smelly perfumes hao walalu hujipuliza pale Eastleigh?


They’re not even allowed to wear bras among other things. But they live in a secular nation, they adopt as necessary.

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Even eat Samosa coz of three corners ie trinity or wear neck ties ie Jesus on the cross

Hizo Sheria ziko Sawa.
On my way to Uganda right now to feel their natural & hidden treasures.

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Red pill doesn’t I repeat doesn’t conform to a religion, just like it doesn’t follow the dictates of culture. It’s inbuilt like alphabet idiots. If one is a piller he’s a piller ata kama ako Syria, Dubai, ama usherati of America.