Redpill Twitter "bigwigs"

Anyone who has noticed there is a lot of kenyan redpilled twitter “bigwigs” dishing out advice but to the blind eye inakaa kama ni diss

Si ungesema hii maneno hapo twitter. Me nikiwa huko i never used to tambua those big wigs na sikuwa nina wapatia heshima…ndio maana niko Siberia maximum prison ya twitter and IP blocked.

sitaki kutumwa siberia pia… umejaribu vpn? sio hawa bigwigs mainstream wale kila mtu ana kiss ass!!

not on twitter myself but i do see people with several opinions in the hopes that they will be digital celebs and “influencers”. whatevz!

:D:D kwanza tusichana, dame anaweka an enticing pic and becomes opinionated to the extent of being an idiot … eti ili akuwe influencer
halafu maringo ya pesa nane “No DMs”

kuna mwingine hapo walidiss mbaya sana ati forehead ndege inaweza land photo editing skills kiasi na ndege inawekwa kwa kichwa ikiland :D:D:D… then boychild wanaambiwa kwa comments ni wow wow wow kama ambulance :D:D:D

mimi as a matter of principle i don’t talk to bitches anymore on twitter or facebook…
i have become mature enough to understand the need for attention seeking by the female gender…

mtu in real life hata hasalimiangwi , akiingia social media na filters kwa pic, kila boychild anamsalimia, she thinks amefika…

And to prove her new found attention jinga inaanza kushare screenshots za inbox…

Twitter nilichoka tu nayo tangu ikuje sijui Ni interface Ama coz Facebook Niko sawa nayo and active

Hehehe u sema ww ni mjinga kiplani

Mbona unaambia jamaa ukweli?

I saw one of these twitter models uploading her photo, it looked nothing like her. She was beautiful kiplani lakini that photo she was editing made her look like a totally different person kabisa. I don’t trust online people anymore.

Damn, I must be following the wrong people, all that you are jabbering about is news to me.

Kenyan Twitter scene siku hizi iko poa. These days hakuna ujinga ya Big Wig Small wig, everyone is equal. Kitambo ndio people had egos, I guess ni vile hao chokoraa Twitter waliingia kwa scene.

there is nothing wrong with making extra cash as a social media influencer. A good chunk of talkers joined ktalk thanks to a partnership with Andrew Kibe. Hata mimi I would partner with some influencers if I need some brand recognition. The trick is to partner with the right ones

KOT imejaa “woke” people. Lakini its like a big Ktalk. Zile masweep ziko huko ni mob. And its highly addictive.

Those redpill are needed to maintain the balance otherwise feminists wangekuwa wanamaliza wanaume huko. Remember when Ronnie Osumba fired some guy juu hao feminist walimwambia Twitter? Siku hizi umewahi ona mtu akiwa fired? Remember when akina Nonnie wanted to create a google docs list ya kuongeza wanaume they dont agree with ili to share with employers so that those men dont get jobs? Those red pills ndio walifanya such plans zisikuwe.

Hakuna watu wabaya kama Kenyan Twitter feminists. Think twice before you support them and call your fellow men misogynist juu uliona some Twitter feminist akiwaita hivyo

:smiley: to some extent twitter is like ktalk only that here people are anonymous. Therefore it can be very difficult to maintain a lie on twitter. And as they say, kwa ground ni different.

#KOT is run in cliques.
It’s either uko Twitter A or chokoraa Twitter.There, you choose your lane wisely

How can your IP be blocked unless unatumia static IP?

Twitter is for engaging safaricom na Kenya power customer care…