redpill and mgtow concepts sinking deeper!

done with the book ‘the predatory female’…now am on the ‘rational male’…since then , whenever i start a move on a lady, no matter how attractive she looks, some sort of balance sheet pops up in my mind that shows an overwhelming presence of liabilities and a voice whispers in me ‘buda?, sasa huyu analeta nini kwa meza?’ and those misleading fires of passion die off. sms nazo ‘aki siku hizi umenitupa na umezidi kuwa stingy’…and i recall a page that says that when a woman says ur stingy she is simply displaying her expertise in spending money that is not hers!

Some of this philosophy naona kama ni male version of feminism. As men, we were meant to chase pussy and make dumb decisions. With time you become smart and avoid making dumb mistakes.

Personally, I still love women and chasing them. Am also okay with spending on them nikitaka. However, am smarter in how I deal with them. Let’s use hizi philosophy mpya for good and not to hate women. Na you should know most women will always bring very little to the table. Never will you be 50-50.

its not about hate bro…its about avoiding repeating crappy decisions(yes, i used to be a super pussy chaser,am now more tactical)

ebu let io link ya izo vitabu…

Kijana weka the whole thread

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Nasikia kaharufu ka simp hivi

Hapo sawa…learning female manipulation tactics really helps in these times when 9/10 of men are simps…you get a chance to stand out from the crowd and see things very differently.You will also save much needed money ame time as you will be pursuing life goals and ambitions instead of vagina.In fact the moment you also chase your goals is the time the women starts chasing you like a king you are

[SIZE=7]U - M - E -F -F - I[/SIZE]

Change is nigh brother

now go get THE MANIPULATED MAN By Esther Villa

sawa kabisa

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Illimitable men mambo yote

You should also listen to Patrice O’Neal whose understanding on women is out of this world. Listen to podcasts called Black Philip on YouTube.

Also on YouTube search this guy called Alpha Male strategies.

On a serious note hii kitabu iliniingiza baridi. Niliona makunguru in a whole new light.

and ironically the funny thing is that the author is a woman meaning whatever details she is giving in that book are 90% true…stay woke…