Redmi Turbo Charger

Where can I get the Redmi type C Turbo Charger that comes with the phone? Mine got lost and am finding quick chargers that are no match for the one that comes with the phone, coz they are just like the ones used by other phones.

These ones say ‘Quick/Fast Charge’ while that one says Turbo Charging when you are charging.

do they have a distribution/ care/repair centre.maybe you can checj there.

You will notice that it says quick / fast charging but it will take around the same time as a turbi charger to fill up. Unfortunately, getting original phone accessories is a tall order, as I find out when in the look for my phone’s charger

They have a shop opp Crown Hotel, was there na hakuna. Machosi…

pole mkubwa

Just check the wattage of your phone…then look for a charger for that watts eg …if it’s 15 watts phone, go buy a charger that is 5v charging at 3A which will be 15 watts. I also had the same problem, until I realized the wattage, charger huku nje zikob zinacharge simu very fast

Wattage of your phone!!
Am lost…

Si unaeza import boss

Xiaomi retailer@bihi towers

Google charging wattage of the phone

That’s what am using. It’s a cheap Chinese charger, got at Kshs 250…it’s doing wonders…mine is a 18 wattage phone, so 15 watts is okay…

Another wonderful one but pricier

I could be wrong but what am sure @Hydra is seeking is a charger capable of turbo charging. Unfortunately for him, only original charger from the manufacturer will display "turbo charging. " Getting an original out of the box charger is quite difficult

You are very right, I have resigned to fate, that am not getting that one so I settled for the quick charger though it cant match the turbo, that thing is ever on steroids, in 15 minutes you are done. When you plug in the charger it shows you kama it was 4% utaona like 4.578%…then the numbers keep going up and up speedily, it’s kinda dramatic in a lovely way.

I was in exact predicament as you barely a month ago. The first two weeks I was bothered coz the charger displayed fast charging as opposed to super fast charging. So I gave up but later on noticed that it takes around the same time as the original charger to fill up

Not the same thing…

I believe this is what you’re looking for, your best bet is getting it from here if you can’t find it even in the Mi franchises locally.


safcom shop at Two Rivers.