Redmi note 7 MIUI 12...

Finally updated over the weekend after long hesitation, the update comes with android 10 that is famed for system wide dark mode. The reason for my previous hesitation to updating is, as a rooted user and with with custom recovery you just cant accept OTA updates since it requires stock recovery that you have since moved from, you have to start from scratch by flashing the original stock firmware via mi flash tool to restore stock recovery then proceed with OTA updates. Its a daunting task that you just have to endure.
However, the update came with a major bug!!! The fingerprint reader does not work!!! The gay face unlock is the only one that works and i hate it!!! Anyone experienced this and what was your work around??

Fyi immediately after updated i rooted again! So updating anytime soon is out of the question!

Just use versions. Check if there’s anti roll back protection before downgrading.

However, if you have root, why not use a much decent rom such as pixel experience or any light custom rom? You get more battery backup, better multitasking, better gcam support, no sinister background activities, no ads, Android R support and many more.

However i don’t use the device but am certain android R is present for redmi note 7.

Nikidownload hizo roms za . Eu sijui mbona hukataa kuflash

Via twrp? use a good recovery kama orange fox to flash.

Yeap mimi hutumia twrp hata pixel nilijaribu inakataa and i download the correct files

Apa noma, flash orange fox recovery, check version of rom, must be note 7 pro and not note 7 and vice verca, but am sure you can’t make such a mistake.

Ikikataa vumilia na meme OS but hapo me siwezi, that OS restricts me too much.