Redmi note 13

whats special with this phone? kila mtu anaingojea ikuwe launched ama ni vile its a budget phone. why cant xiaomi hold big launches the way samsung did on its S series martphone lineup.

Amoled screen at peasant price

Mediachieth upuss


snapdragon 680

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, 8GB/256GB ni :fire::fire: though mvuko itaumia


Qualcomm Snapdragon is still the KING.

Akina Mediatek, Unisoc previously known as Spreadtrum are wanaabes

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Some mediatek dimensity are powerful than snapdragons


The Redmi Note 13 runs on a Snapdragon processor.

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5g version is mediatek

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38k. good specs

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Inakaa 13 pro 5G ndio expe

I was a Naomi diehard. After ni hamie realme GT master. Am not going back to that heavy phone. Simu ni 250g banae. Realme me ni 165g. Simu petite.
Naomi wapunguze weight ya hio chieth.

Kuna ya 5G?

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unataka 5G na haiko kenya. its only deployed in select areas and it under trial.

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Hata Kisii iko

Ya airtel ndio iyo