Redmi 13C

Bought it on Monday for 16,200 at a Xiaomi shop in town. In some shops they sell it between 17k - 18k. Been using it since Monday and its fantastic. No hanging and the performance is good. Camera performance is not bad but dont expect miracles from a budget device. The base model which I bought has a RAM of 4GB and internal storage of 128GaB, thats more than enough storage. It also supports a Micro SD for expanded storage. It uses a Mediatek Helio G85 chipset which isnt the best but at that price range its working fine. You have an option of choosing between 60 or 90 Hz refresh rate. The battery is very good and lasts long. I charged it on Monday when I bought it and today morning it was at 24% but then again I am not a heavy user since mostly I am working and I have used it make calls, send messages and used it to access the internet today.
The only thing I hate about it is its size. Its too massive standing at 6.74 inches and its too big for my hands and also my pockets since am coming off from a 6" inch device. Back covers are also not available so I have to wait for them to be shipped. All in all its a good phone. I had wanted to get the Redmi Note 12 but then Nabii increased taxes on imported phones and the price shot up from 21k to 26k.


That’s a fair deal in that budget!

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Best of lack.

Wy do you say meditech isnt enough? You want snap dragon?

Yes. The 10C had a Snapdragon 680 and it went for 15k. The 10C really stood out.

I bought the 10C, and the Snapdragon chip is definitely the standout feature of this phone, speeds are good,camera is standard, better with extra camera app other than MI cam app. battery is 3 days of 8-12 hours of continuous online use daily

  • calls etc…iko sawa for the 17k i got it for.
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A lot of brands are switching to mediatek dimensity especially midrange phones

Redmi note 13 pro and 13 pro + is on the way, sijui price itakuwa aje, sahii I need a 5g phone

Good phones but both versions ship with Mediatek. The Redmi Note 13 ships with a Snapdragon 680 chipset.

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Pesa ni yako you chose the phone and all its qualities but here you are piping about the phone’s size and lack of the back covers.How long did it take you to save?You couldn’t have saved slightly longer for you to afford a samsung A series with a slightly smaller screen?You didnt know that samsung os the toyota of phones?How old are you?It the year 2024 bana.Shut the fuck up with 2023 nonesense chief.You cant try to shaft peoples intellect when nabii is shafting everyone everywhere umbwaaa hii.Tembelea the Mi shop near khoja mosque you will get everything that you are piping about.

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Eh hizi sweeps zimekua moto saidi bwana,wapi🧯?

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Psychologically speaking @EL_CUCUY hayuko sawa there’s something troubling him/her but do I say?

huyu ni @Agwambo anamaliswa namna hii :green_emoji:

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Nimedo nini sasa?

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Nokia are using Spreadtrum (they rebranded to Unisoc) for their C series and I haven’t tested speed to see if they are better or worse than MTK.

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Unisoc is a very crappy processor crappier than even Mediatek.

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shillingi imetufanya ile kitu, 100 dollar phones that were 10-11k are now 16-17k

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My 2 year old Samsung unexpectedly died and I had to find a replacement. I didn’t know phones had gotten so pricy.
Couldn’t find a Nokia or other “mainstream” brand I liked and I was purposefully avoiding Samsung so I settled for a xiaomi redmi note 12.
First xiaomi phone and so far so good. Was expecting a lot of ads but managed to disable them. Hopefully this gets me to 2026

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Redmi have good reasonably priced phones

Until they stop working…

My Fingerprint sensor on my relatively new Redmi suddenly stopped working.

I agree they are priced well. So far I have bought 2 Redmi 13Cs as gifts to family…