Redefining relationships in Modern society

Firstly I think its time we admit to ourselves we cant go back to the good ol days where sex was in marriage only. I dont even think those days existed ni vile we look back with nostalgia and get a different picture than what was. In kenyan tribes many cultural practices may be considerd sexually liberal by todays standards.(kikuyu, luhya, maa and kamba)
I think the current break down of meaningful relationships is effidence of this. This shoe brought to us by the christian mzungu does not fit our implicit cultural instincts.
Am not advocating of retrogressing back to the days of ndemi na mathathi am just saying maybe our ancestors were not as foolish as we think them when they created some of these institutions. We should revisit these institutions of our forefathers and see what we can save and what we cant.
If the current situation is not changed marriage will cease to be a thing over one generation and society will fall. Many people are already disillusioned by it in my generation and I think we might end up having the largest single parent families.
Ama wana vijiji what do u think?


Ukichengwa tulia. Na ulete hekaya uwache parables


Hakuna mtu hajawai chengwa kaka kwanza ukiwa ka young blood growing up. Iyo ni kama right of passage. Reason y nimeweka iyo post nijuu nime notice ii system tulitoa kwa ma beberu ni kama ill fitting suit … haitutoshei and it needs to be tailored to our society. The status Quo tuko sahii is unsustainable na eventually we will be creating a very sick society. Unaona states n the west vile most are sexually confused. Hapo ndo tunaenda


Well said , the western lifestyle was not cut for us .
We demonized the best of our culture and embraced the worst of western culture .


I always say the should accept polygamy the same way they accept fagism.

It’s funny how being married to two women is a more criminal than being married to a man.


They’ve criminalized every single descent reasonable culture to make way for their ‘modern’ , unethical behaviours ,they continue to demonize every single thing so no one can see good on anything apart fRom what , they the west prescribe .
Actually it’s our fault for bending over so low .

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I couldn’t agree with this more. I always say the African has to stand for something and not fall for everything.


Mafossil mki undergo secenesence lazma mtiii! Mkizeeka mkubali mara moja, not ranting here full nite…Kuma nyinyi

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I actually think all this recent culture is not as a result of ‘western culture’ but mainly urbanisation. The huge migration from rural to urban areas has created a new relaxed standards of sexual relationships. Women got desperate, men become poorer, people adapted. The loss of culture can be most attributed to people leaving their homes more than it could be blamed on ‘western culture’. The single family phenomenona does not exist to such an extent in rural areas as evidenced in the urban regions of the country.

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The latter is disgusting

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Huwezi sema ivo because other countries in the far east which developed and urbanized still retained their culture kama japan korea indonasia…etc

hapo umekosea. the first two are struggling from mordenization. Don’t know much about indonesia. Haven’t you read that some japanese are not interested in sex? Korea vile vile has similar struggles.

lmao another man who can’t handle the heat. Stay out of the kitchen. Go play FIFA or something

it’s not criminal it’s recognized in Kenya but first wife has to consent. But y’all can barely make one woman happy

hawa watu wazee wanabore haha

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don’t Japan and Korea have the highest suicide rates in the World? You Africans have always fought change it’s why you’re the most behind

Andika opinion column hapo kwa Nairobian basi…

BITCH PLEASE… I have a wife with a kid on on the way but 90% of my peers have bailed out of married life thus the post. Plus if i its polygamy ur against there is no rule that says u cant have two ben 10s by ur side if u want in an equal society. What irks me is most women and men want to play “Traditional” gender roles with all the benefits without taking on responsibilities required of u…

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In box contacts za editors kitunguu inuke

Niaje, leta hekaya ya Kampara?