Reddit story of the day: hopeless singo matha

[SIZE=7]Living with parents, scared that I don’t have the ability to be financially independent[/SIZE]

I was a stay at home mom, with nothing finished for a college degree. I just recently got a divorce. My ex was the breadwinner, with an awesome job and large income. I just got a job as a banker that pays $13.50 an hour. My daughter and I are living with my parents, and I am terrified that I will never have my independence.
I made a substantial amount of money from our house sale. My parents have a tiny house that needs renovation. The goal was too use my profit from the house sale to renovate it. However, I really want to be independent. I’m worried I never will, and that I’ll spend my whole life in my parents backyard. Should I hold on to this money and wait to use as a down payment to buy a home?
However if I do that, my living expenses will be very tight. I will live paycheck to paycheck, even with child support. I don’t know what to do and mg future looks bleak.
I’m so bitter. My ex had his own fancy apartment, lots of money, not raising a kid most of the time, and has the audacity to act like he did me a favor in the divorce because he agreed to most of what I asked for. He still came out on top though. And it turns my stomach.
What would you do? Try to be independent or live in your parents backyard?


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Nimesimamia hapo pa ‘made a substantial sum from OUR house sale’

At her age she can’t depend on herself despite getting regular child support

Umelipa rent jangili ama ni kucheza Tom & Jerry na caretaker?

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@Simiyu22 @Swansea @Finest wine majuu wanalipa BANKERS 14 DOLLARS PER HOUR ? , so nikipiga job 10 hrs a day = 14,000 kshs per day. nikipiga job 6 days a week and 24 days a month

24*14,000 = 336,000 per month nikiishi kwa shelters na nikule one meal a day nita manage ku save 300,000 kshs per month vile @Purple ali advise .

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