Reddit simp wants to self terminate... kunguru strikes. siaideni kijana

copied "or the last 3 days have been hell for me .

I have been so heartbroken by a lady i loved with all my heart. We were at a very advanced stage and i remember saving hard to buy for her a tanzanite engagement ring.

It has been a slow decline ,they typical withdrawal , communicating with her was becoming difficult , she was very rude and very cold.

I thought it was the normal stress of being unemployed , so i took time and really invested in her getting a job. Did more than 50 job applications online . I even started a business that struggled to standard up.

She dropped a bomb on me 3 days ago to forget about her and that she is getting married in a months time.

I was totally blindsided. Nilisimama so that i don’t faint from the news. My whole body trembled.

It has been a tough mental time for me. I cannot sleep , i am in tears and very vivid images in my mind of her having sex with another man is eating me alive.

For once i considered self deleting. The mental anguish is crazy. I fear i might run mad.

She was laughing when breaking the news to me. It was a demon was talking .

There was a disgust she had in her voice for me."


That’s an initiation majority of men go thru before they toughen up , shida ni kupitia hio stage ukiwa mzee like resident senior most high bachelor @kodiaga hapo unaeza jimada but that stage msee anafaa kupitia akiwa highschool or campus.
First year nilipata dem wangu njeri akitombwa na fourth year at her cube pale hostel j moi. I was angry nkajaribu kutoa hio nyang’ao juu ya coomer kbe ishamwanga.ilitoka Tu ikivaa trouser na kusonga. That’s how I was baptised by fire


Heheh pole sana mkamba Pharmacy


pole… kama ulipitia zile slum za uon lazima uliona mengi :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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meffi mharo post straight outta of a retards anus

Nilisimama so that i don’t faint from the news

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I really sympathize with the dude. You know its easy to dish around the word simp but when you truly love a woman, a breakup will shatter you to the core. No need to potray a ‘macho’ image. It is what it is. I have been there, twice, one right after high school and another one in campus. Of course I never became suicidal but the second one especially, it profoundly affected me on a fundamental level. That is when I completely stopped believing in love and knew that I will never love a woman again. Nilikua natafuta redpill content hadi nikajipata Ktalk. Time tu ndio itaheal huyu mjamaa but when he is healed, he will be 10 times stronger. He needed that paradigm shift. There is a way it builds character. I usually sympathize with men who have never had their hearts broken and still believe in fairy tales.


Hao wasee wa Reddit wote ni 99% simps except Syntax Error who i suspect is @Gaines huwa anawapiga sweeps huko. Cool kids wannabe. Very weak boys. They need to be referred to this space we harden them waache kuwa ma kinuthia…hata @Zush tulimchanua awache kuwa kafukuswii and he’s doing better. Kichwa ngumu tu huku ni @anon79416965 anapenda kunyonya boro fupi fupi


Reddit ni nini jomba?

Nuuuh. @Gaines ni theories amejaza kwa kichwa but he is not witty enough to be that syntax error guy.


You were toughened up in high school/ campus. Hivyo ndio vile inafaa.

Guys get shocked ati a 45 year old alijinyonga juu alikosana na bibi kwa nyumba and you are like WTF? Ata si ati ametombwa, just kawaida misunderstandings za hao msee anajinyonga.

Yes, hawa ndio wale wasee walimiss this crucial stage in life. Na ile upuzi ya kuoa your childhood sweetheart hujui ata kukatia dem mwingine. Umalaya is very crucial in your early 20s, itakusave ujinga mingi sana later in life as a man.


Kutombewa ni rite of passage. If you date enough women it is statistically inevitable. Sooner or later utafikiwa na habari one of your bitches is getting screwed by another dude. Other times you will catch them redhanded. The sooner you make peace with the fact that she is never yours its just your turn, the easier life will be. In the end kuma ni yake akitaka atapea hata wazimu. That’s why I genuinely believe in spinning plates. It prevents oneitis and overdependence on one bitch to empty your balls.


Hii life kama hujapitia hio kutemwa na dem ulipenda roho moja haujaishi. Mimi kuna mkmba mwingine anaitwa Rosalia manze alinicall akimangwa ndio nijue its over. Saa hizo unashindwa uwake moto ama uskize ukate simu. Kutoka hio day njwanga yangu ilisema Kenyan women is a no ikahama TZ na sijawahi dinya dem mkenya kutoka hio time.


Uli catch coz alikuwa ana moan more than alikuwa anamoan ukimtomba? :green_emoji:


Zii hakua anamoan nilikua naskia msee amehema hapo na kale kasauti ka njwanga ikiingizwa kitu wet mkuu


What this guy is going through is normal. He can do all he wants except sewer slide. Latter, he will look back in time and laugh at his naivety. I always tell juveniles unafaa kupigwa heart break moja wazimu upate akili. ndio in future usije kajiua ama umalize mtoto wa wenyewe in the name of mapenzi.

After that humiliation unakata hizo story unasahau kabisa, you move on with your life, focused on building a better tomorrow for yourself. For say, 10 years. Halafu one day umechill at your favorite spot, taking your favourite beverage, feeling the tranquility permeating the space around and within you, feeling at peace with nature and creation…then a random number calls you. It looks familiar but you can’t place it. You pick the call and you hear a familiar but long forgotten voice of ‘Rosalia’ calling, saying “Hi Some_Say, mambo?” in a sultry manner. You are taken aback but you recover quickly and answer in a very neutral tone “Hello, how are you?”

“Fine” , she answers, then “where are you nowadays?”

“Why do you ask?” you respond.

“I’ve missed you and wanted to come and say hi”, she tells you.

Utachukua hatua gani?

Hii ni upus, once you leave someone ,you forget, i have randomly met some of my exes and felt nothing, some even occasionally wanarusha whatsapp but i feel nothing not even the thought of smashing them.
Naturally both of you are bored with seeing each other naked even for the thrills.
Kwanza after 10 years probably the body has dramatically changed, now with tyres, you can’t even look twice.
Unless mtu anataka mchango ya mazishi, there’s literally nothing to do with your ex.


Chumbwi chumbwi chumbwi
make love humping GIF


Namshow mtu akitapika haukuli matapiko

One recently tried to pull that shit on me. That was my exact response. What amazed me was her audacity to call and act as if we were buddies that could miss and visit each other. :nauseated_face:

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