Redbull RACING dominates pre-season testing day one in Bahrain

Incoming WDC champ Max Verstappen clocks 132 laps in the first day of preseason testing. He also registered the fastest lap time of the day. This year Redbull will beat Mercedes 10:0 if they maintain this form.
Mercedes plagued with a faulty gearbox could barely run 43 laps with Bottas and Hamilton on track.

too early to call it man

During the preseason testing, Mercedes focuses on other aspects of the race such a reliability, electronics, tire degradation, setting up the car, and so forth. It’s only during the late testing stages they focus on race pace.

Interesting, cant wait to see their pace by sunday evening

Kiongozi @captain obvious leta maoni pia, na sio matusi pris:D

Mshaanza kupayuka na Mercedes haijaanza ata warmup officially. Musito ashajenga cabinet ya trophies za 2021 na aka-rehearse speech ya ile siku atakuwa 8 time world champion.

Hehehe this time tunawaleta kama nduthi ya kuibiwo bro. If ham beats ver this year sitawahi bonga chafu kuhusu huyo SJW wenu

This shiiiiiit happens every season, na outcome hukuwa the same so tuliza mcoosh.

Lmao wacha zako nanii. Unampatia boy wako useless hope na season ikianza atakanyagwa kama siafu. Usimchezzee mungu

Hahaha Hamilton amekua Mungu sasa?:smiley: Nobody is as hungry as Max this season

Tbh lakini, i just hope this season can be competitive as a F1 fan.

It will be, leo Redbull hawakuwa wanacheza. I hope they can maintain that form they will surely challenge the Merc boys

Red bull have a history of hyping their prospects then fizzling during the season, alafu resurging towards the end. I really hope they take the challenge to Mercedes this season. It would be enjoyable to have a repeat of the 2018 season (the first half at least) when Ferarri kept Mercedes on their toes until Vettel crumbled under pressure and the Italian team imploded. Red bull control the Honda engine supplier so hopefully there’ll be tighter integration

Mimi nishawekelea bet ya Max winning the WDC this season. Kama mbaya mbaya, a man who can clock 130+ laps on day 1 preseason, when other fools like Bottas wanasema wamechoka after 5 laps deserves my hard-earned money. If he implodes so be it, at least i will know he gave it his very last breath.

Mercedes always sandbag in preseason, those cars haven’t greatly changed from last season so i still don’t see how redbull will beat Mercedes probably next year but not this year

Redbull looked better prepared tho, i don’t know whether that will convert to wins