Red pillers kujeni muone huyu "post wall chieth"


Compared with her male age mates with kitambis and kiparas who according to the red pill are supposedly ageing like fine wine unlike post wall women like Michelle. Gimme a break! :D:D:D

who is she?

Post wall chieth takataka

Uliza watu wao

37 inakaa mboga ya 24 years hii ni dry fry

Wanaume na umama:D:D

Red pillers and MGTOW are Exclusive clubs for Loser’s.

We need to see her akiwa ameamka na morning breath bila make-up.

she obviously has a loose pussy. Hizo dildo zote na iyo fisting amepata that pussy must be stretched with ears from here to timbuktu. Na sio kuhate hata nyinyi mnajua lesbians care less for tightness:D:D:D

Tulisema hakuna kununua gazetti jioni ata kama imepigwa pasi.

Asante mdau.

People who wish themselves happy birthday on social media are straight weirdos.Rubs me the wrong way for some reason

huyu nadinya kwa condom yuko poa

Makena is not complaining. Why should you be affected by a pussy you are cunniligusing? Ma red peels you are so insecure. Mind your own kitambi and kipara you who is aging like fine wine. Bibi ya Makena achana naye.

You must be very desperate to be scouring the internet for women to troll. It’s her age. It’s her Twitter account. Where do you come in exactly? She’s not even interested in men. She is dating a woman. You are still on her case. Your life must be extremely pathetic. Join a cult for broke losers and then go looking for lesbians to troll. Please find something to do uachane na Bibi ya wenyewe. And you are calling yourself a man. You need to troll a lesbian to feel manly. Beyond pathetic. Jipe shughuli.

@MikeOck spends his day consuming garbage from post wall females seeking attention then he drags red pilled guys to it. Enyewe misery loves company, the red pill guy spent his day working on what matters to him yet you spend it on sniffing women’s ass online

:D:D umenimalisa

Chic is still fine. Wacha hate speech. Ulinyimwa nini?

hii kitu ilikosa mwanaume wa kumwaga ndani azae twins?

Sarcasm bro. Learn it

Malisa hizo khasia