red pill/mgtow - Pandora's box?

Red pill mystics, ukisha peer behind the veil na uanze kucomprehend dynamics za sexual marketplace value (SMV), how do you prevent yourselves from falling into despair or even madness. Si lazima tumeze blue pills kiasi ndio maisha ikuwe tolerable

Cc @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii @Karoga

Find purpose and meaning ya life beyond women and children. Self actualization and self realization is key.

This, my friend, is exactly what you do. While blue pillers sacrifice their purpose, hobbies, and happiness in pursuit of women. You focus on improving yourself, your finances, and living happily, for yourself. Funny enough, a man focused on himself and his mission is a chic magnet especially when he’s winning and finding happiness in his own solitude.

purple pill

What I have come to realize and come to embrace about redpill and MGTOW is that as a man GYOW is always paramount and self improvement is always key…if you start prioritizing other people and forget about your personal well being utaumia bure…