Red Pill For Married Men.

Prescription from Optician


Wise indeed

Question to men: Hata ukiangalia, women are babylike. Sharp voice, childlike hairline and other characteristics like large forehead with lower set eyes, nose and mouth; a smaller, shorter, more recessive chin; fuller lips; larger eyes; a smaller nose; higher, thinner eyebrows; and a rounder, less angular face, thin delicate skull bones, no facial hair…sasa how do you expect such a person to behave like you?


I used to wonder mbona females hawana ndevu but nywele inamea vizuuuri kwa makwapa, senye, na hata kwa miguu. Is it some form of pushing for attractiveness?. All the same, wanawake tunajua ni delicate

At least kids don’t cheat on their parents with other parents



MGTOW=FREEDOM… injili imetembea kutembea that s great

Ukiona red pill coaches, they are clearly targeting lost singo matha products. Let us go for the root cause of the problem: raw sex with people you don’t want to have kids with

Mimi @chap (see attached) I approve this message

Yet they want to earn same as a Man.

Vile savage amesema

Ever heard of ‘Rich dad poor dad’
They do.

Nakumbuka shule some people would hide from their poor ocha dads when visited. Especially madem kama amechiweka kwa cool kids camp courtesy of a rich uncle or scholarship.