@Karoga and team punguzeni redpill evangelism…ciiity boooys:D

Cucks are celebrating to step up for the bastards left behind the AMG crew member


That lady is very hurt after being left. The man left her not his kids. He seems to support the kids. The lady wants to weaponize the kids to get him back. If that fails she will poison them against their father.

Women must learn to be obedient to their husbands and conform to the Norms of the families they are married into. Not misbehaving and competing with their mothers in law.

I have several sisters in law who are unwanted by my aunt’s but wananyamaza tu kama wajinga and build their homes. My uncle’s nao encourage the ladies and tell them to pay no heed to their detractors.

If they were like these racoons wangewacha Boma zao waende kulea watoto in a broken environment.

Even though embombut niggas are shit…this is funny

Kanakaa katamu aki kwanza bila makeup. Kanakaa pia kujitolea na wifely duties. Shida ni kumuoa na bado ako na hangover za hiyo jangili ilimtenda.

The funny thing with such women is they lament about being mistreated by their inlaws, only to later mistreat their future daughters in law.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Ukiamua kutomba chieth dry fry ukue ready kulea FAMILY Otherwise, Huku AMG hatuna baby mamas huku nje just FREE AGENTS enjoying life while munching them SOFT MEATS.
Lakini she is TOMBABLE

We may not know the differences between her and the nigga but one thing is that women should learn to be humble and respect their husbands, i have seen many women trying to compete with their husbands and when they are left their lives crumble completely.

Maybe that’s what the other guy alisema, ona sasa. Watu hukulana ndio hujuana, otherwise kuna elder anaongeza odometer under sympathy

Do not be manipulated, unaweza pata kamama kaliongea matope, sahizi kimeumana.

Hawa wanawake nawajua especially when there are some betas showing interest in them huwa wanaongea matope saidi.

Kuna kanyangumi niliskia kakisema “akitaka aende kwani wanaume ni 12 kama disciples wa yesu” Sahi am sure kanatafuta yesu mwenyewe awe bwana.

Ndio huwa inasemekana hapa avoid single mothers kabisa

Haka kanakaa unakadanganya kana kupea mkia

haka kako kwa pipeline katatombwa hii Nairobi mpaka hiyo machozi ikauke


:D:D:D:D si poa @Karoga haufanyi vizuri . rudisha kunguru nyumbani ameumia ya kutosha.

lakini huyu ana sound wale madem hunyonga mtoto ku spite the boni forest native father :D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM AMG mboys apana tambua upuss kabisaaa!!!
1.Watoto DNA certified nitalea
2.My mother MUST be accorded her respect, dignity and isn’t subject to discussion or scrutiny by you in any forum or gathering.
3.This post wall chieth kunguru ghaseer shosho must learn the hard way the bitter lesson ,that the streets are brutal,hard and unforgiving.

Kumbe uko inadi :D:D:D
ulihepa responsibilities ka shsosho kamelilia elders hapa ivi

Children need their father irregardless of the drama between parents…