Recycling thieves - Kenya Kwisha

He was fired due to corruption when he was energy CS. UDAku is a den of thieves.


Every one in Kenya knows the no.1 stealing family tangu independence

Which corruption? Was he prosecuted? Ojingaism is a curse

Ask yourself this :-

In a vibrant , well educated population of 47 million , can this nation produce at least 50K qualified servant leaders and individuals to run the affairs of State in an efficient and transparent manner …???

If you agree , let’s go to the polls in 6 months time with only one goal …

To rid this Nation , once and for all , of ALL Dynasties , Hustlers , Thieves , Conmen , Ethnic Chauvinists , Tribal Chiefs and their henchmen …

Tall Order …
But if we succeed , even 50% , we will be going somewhere … :D:D


It starts with you,an educated doctari,who do not shy from bedding other peoples wives on his surgery table.
Kabla ukosoe wengine jiangalie kwanza

Rinse kabisa.

unfortunately, these are the ones vying

And his man girl crush

We choose who to rob us of our livelyhood,education and kid’s future on every election yet we erect tall walls to deter the ones who will rob us of replaceables.