Recycled Leadership

Of the cast that staged Bomas of Kenya this week, almost the entire field has been recycled more times than a Tampon in the seedy suburbs of Ouagadougou.
This are the same leaders that Kenyans have repeatedly rejected. They have all been in the previous regimes that sired impunity, natured corruption, reared nepotism, initiated tenderprenuers, wedded the Cartels and buried patriotism. They have no agenda for this country, but to unseat the Dynamic Duo. Not that the Uhuruto has failed it’s pledges, but the NASA crybabies need power for power sake.
Of the cast, the greatest presidential loser since strapless bra is The Monkey Trader. Having been rejected five times by Kenyans, the almost prehistoric relic, oblivious of the writing on the Kenyan wall, is hell bent to make another stab at the presidency. To clinch it or take Kenya with him to woe.
Kenyans, like in previous days, will reject the recycled team. But their chief has this damned sense of Entitlement, so much so, that he would rather see Kenya burn, than conceed to the will of the people. Brings to mind the two mothers contest over a son before the Imperial Solomon.
My prayers is for Kenyan to be Ruth. We must choose Kenya before self. We must reject the rejectees one final time… And send The Monkey Trader with his entourage to the nearest Nyumba Ya wazee. Am sure our international donors are sufficiently Philanthropic to cater for the requisite adult diapers.
Let’s be candid… Kenya must Remain




Sorry I forgot that. Rwnbp


hii noma sana…




couldn’t have said it better


Uhuru is a feudal prince and William Ruto is the adopted son of the tyrant known as Moi.

Even Uhuru was rejected in favor of Kibaki.

Now write another piece with this in mind.


Mine is bigger than yours


You, at your age, who still looks for money by opening and operating Facebook accounts, at your age.
Where were you when your mates were making money?

But then again, you cannot see your impoverishment… You think whoever will be president will help you?

You’ll still be here opening Instagram accounts and begging we follow you.

SAA zingine wekanga shida zako into perspective

isn’t this a little too personal, ah, @Karis …, I mean, @Bingwa???



Not really. I expected better from this guy. He is here sowing seeds of discord in a very one sided argument. I am a jubilant, but I do not support shallow thinking. I just told him the truth, and I will stand by it to the courts, even if I risk jail time.

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Heshimu wazee hata kama kuna ukweli.


Mimi pia si kijana. Namkosoa mzee mwenzangu tu

Uhuruto should also be rejected juu walikua kwa sirkal ya Moi. Ungeweka hio na uongeze hio umeandika ya monkey trader ningekupatia like.


There is no country where leaders come from outside the existing political structures.

Uhuru and Ruto were mentored by Kentatta, Moi and Kibaki, who then made way for them when the time came.

The NASA clowns have refused to recognize and cede to the next generation, their proteges.

That is what M4 is saying.


Am a peasant bro. That holds. Still hustling though, hoping for a better tomorrow. But tomorrow, The Monkey trader will still be a pretender to the throne. He stands rejected by Kenyans. So I will still be striving to better myself, and your tin god will still be seating on tarmac. Let me say this slowly so that it permeates your Ngamia lactic acid corroded brain… The Monkey trader will never be President.

And you’ll never be your age…

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