Recovering money from family members...

wakUMBWA, how do you go about recovering money owed to you by family members?? I need ur advice,


In October 2015, I bought land from a guy married to my cousin. The guy is in the buroti maguta maguta biz after he quit employment as a high skul teacher. Now since he is married to my cousin, we didn’t write anything down and I just paid him the 450k hata bila kuona the said buroti(stupid me) but I later went to see it after like 5 months(March 2016). Ever since, he has never given me ownership documents for the buroti which is well now past 2 years!! this therefore means that I can’t do anything to or with the land. In October 2017, I told him to go fcuk himself and that I no longer needed his land anirudishie pesa zangu. Hapo sasa kwa kurudisha pesa ndio kuna kizungumkuti. Since I don’t fcuk around with issues money, he has since stopped picking my calls and even reported me to my mum that I’m harassing him. So I gave mum the option of kunipatia hiyo 450k ama kufuatilia that guy anilipe and she chose kufuatilia. Every time she calls the guy, he is either in church or in a meeting ama kwa mazishi.
Why I’m asking for ways out of this, is because ameingiza matharau kidogo. the guy has the nerves of sending me 5k ati bado anatafuta pesa! The guy drives 2 heavy machines, a prado 2010 and a surf new model yet hataki kunilipa pesa zangu. How do I recover my money??

***please msinitusi coz hii panga niko nayo inaweza pitia kwa hiyo screen yako!

A thief is always a thief.
One day you wake, hear your neighbor was killed and thugs didn’t steal anything.
No question asked, bad business.
Sahau pesa yako, another man who has lost his money to your cousin husband will teach him a lesson someday.

youve got to let it pass and hope the guy will return the cash coz land deals without witnesses and agreements from an advocate its hot air…

just forget the cash and move on.No written document means there is no evidence so ata ukifuata the legal way jamaa will win against you…
in saparee we say “” cia arume ciuragira kuingi"“”

Kubali yaishe. Hata mimi kuna nugu ina pesa yangu na sioni ikilipa. That is why I resolved to be the meanest relative/friend henceforth. Kwanza nikikumbuka how broke I am saa hii juu na-savia mjengo naskia kuchapa huyo jamaa whenever I will meet him.

I lend to family and friends money I can afford to lose

Umechengwa boss…Money lent to family is like placing a bet.

Sounds like someone I know…,pengine wewe ndio utaokolea many future victims…na hiyo panga…

Easy… Get your cousin to convince the guy to take a life insurance premium of say 10m, have him whacked after a year or so and ask her to refund your cash after you bury him since you’ll be certain she can afford it.

I don’t plan on letting this go…

Ningekusaudia lakini siku hizi umekua mkabila sana na pia bado uko na deni yangu ya last year,tuma kwa no yangu ya safaricom.

And stop liking my reply tuma kakitu omwami,iko mbaya zaidi

Hapo sijui lakini the minute you failed to sign any documents that’s when ulijikaanga.

mimi siwezi kuwa mkabila na bibi nimetoa mumias! sasa unajua my 2 boys have luhya blood, ukabila hapo itakuwa own goal mkubwa. deni nitalipa vitu zikitulia. btw nikiamua kuny’ang’anya hiyo nugu gari hadi anilipe, wots the worst that can happen in terms of law?

I gave up on this a loong time ago. Like @Quanstrom up there, relatives created a very mean guy in me. Nowadays i only lend very small amounts and can only lend again once they pay back.

A very close person I know owed his brother in law some few tokens nahuko kwetu gishagi. He kept going to ask for his cash just like you did na akakuwa “mkopozoned”. No calls picked and unending fake promises.

All over sudden the guy became good and started drinking together. In their drinking scenarios the inlaw sounded very promising with so much great deals, zikiivana atalipwa.

One day jamaa alimuita kwake nyumbani jioni wakunywe dogogio akilipwa pesa zake.
Kitu 9pm jamaa aliokotwa na wasee wa duthi kwa mtaro akiwa kaput.
Eye witnesses (duthi guys) said alirushwa from a cliff towards the road. The inlaw said jamaa alitoka kwake after kumlipa fote k ati akaenda kulewa. He must have been hit by duthi na ikapotea.
But we all knew he died because of his own cash under the arms of a close relative.

My two cents: tafuta Wakili 450 sio centi mbili, enda rife rife kwa jamaa and sought out your things. Hiyo panga yako either imukate ama ikumalize kwa sababu ya pesa zako. All the best.

Wee chukua tu gari alafu aende areport imeibiwa ndo utajua hujui my fren


First you need to get a written confession that you owe him money and some sort of payment agreement. Transfer the loan to a loan recovery agency (professional goons) at a fraction of the total amount. Sit back and watch him being stressed the same way he is stressing you.

Theft omwami contrary to sec 65 of PC,nipatie hii job niko mbaya.