Record player stand recommendations

hi, I have a record player

I would like to buy a new record player stand. Recommendations?

[FONT=arial][SIZE=4]I bought one for my nine-year-old daughter’[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=4][FONT=arial]I was delighted when my eldest daughter, who is nine, asked for a record player for Christmas. It wasn’t to do with any great residual love for vinyl on my part, although I do have a weird notion that the actual act of having to put a record or a CD on might make you listen more closely to music than more modern, convenient alternatives. Perhaps you are more likely to play something all the way through if taking it off and putting something else on involves at least a fraction more effort than pressing your finger on a screen. But I am keen to instil in her the idea that music is something you pay for, rather than something that magically materialises because Dad’s got a family subscription to a streaming service.[/FONT][/SIZE]

Such a stand can be used as an alternative, and I had a similar stand in the corner of the room when I did not have money to buy a new stand, but as a result, when I found a new job, I immediately decided to find a new and modern stand for the record player. The site helped me a lot in this. There is an overview of a large number of different stands and also all the advantages and disadvantages are revealed. Thanks to this site, I very easily found the perfect model and I did not have to spend time on Amazon. So I advise you this site! Good luck!

Dude, thank you so much! My father’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to give him a new record player stand and I didn’t know where to order it from. I hope he will like my gift very much