Recommend similar series

Recommend similar movies/series to these tv shows.
[li]Leverage[/li][li]Chuck[/li][li]Hustle[/li][li]Burn notice[/li][li]Psych[/li][/ul]

Chicago PD

common law- though ina season moja
mentalist-7 seasons ride
the librarians-give it a try
perception- jaribu
scorpion-similar concept to leverage
white collar- about art but ina ujanja kama ya leverage

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I have watched white collar i forgot to list it. I am watching scorpion. The librarians haikunibamba.Let me try izo zingine.

This is so wrong its wrongest.

what is wrong?

haha concept almost similar…group of people solving a problem…but ikiget deeper zinakuwa different

That is a very generic explanation. If you go with that kind of thinking then you might as well say that scorpion is similar to 24.

Leverage sucked so hard after season 1 …Graceland anyone season 1-3

Quantico, blindspot,the player- all 2015 series