Reckless riding at 299Km/H

The video is horror!


Wah…acha tu nkufie ju ya ile black mamba ya @The black templar

Thrill that kills

At least he died. That’s what I’d want to happen to me in that situation. Shida ni ku-survive. Kuna ule uso ilitoka kama mask, and another one I saw the eyeball was hanging out anajaribu kuirudisha. Still gives me nightmares.

that mofo is superdead

The description gives me nightmares


Now you all know what the ‘meat-head’ epithet refers to.

The Tweet speaks of ‘proper protective gear’. That is useless at such speeds.

There are some speeds which even when dressed like a GSU armadillo you cannot survive.

I will settle for a scooter @introvert .

Some survive even crazier stunts @299, but there’ll come a day when a millisecond’s misjudgement will be fatal.

Swali: when you are collected in 15 pieces and scraped off asphalt, what’s the point of a coffin when a sealed trash bag would do?

Chukua hii iko na neon flash.

Shait :eek::oops:

nowadays i rarely go beyond 160km/h. some speeds are not worth it.

my car daent do beyond 110km …fuck all i wonna live

this pic gave me nightmares.

max i ever go is 130 kph. Im scared of ever getting a bigger bike

ule alifikiria kuweka baiskeli engine alitukosea sana.

In that video two were killed i guess.

Dash board of the bike in the pics and that in the video doesn’t relate.

Hata hio 130 ni kifo my friend.

Mimi scooter juzi imeniangusha nkapata serious bruise. But it was because i engaged the front brake alone