Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

  • turkey imprisons an american pastor over terrorism…
    -Us imposese sanctions on turkey.
    -Erdogan tells Turkish people to boycott american electonics… if they have iPhone there’s Samsung…

According to western media Turkey’s economy is reeling from these sanctions. Is it true? The Turks love their president

i love the way trump doesnt take chances when it comes to defending his citizens dealing with these muslims
their currency has been really struggling…


Turkey isn’t getting any F-35 jet despite being an early contributor, sale has been cancelled. Lira is taking a tumble. Unfair but US gets what she wants. Erdogan should have lain low and be more shrewd. Turkey’s economy has significant ties with US’s. At the moment, only Russia and China can stand up to the US.

Enyewe ilikuja na meli

Russia imekaa kwa fence watching. Juzi Sergey Lavrov amepiga raundi huko. I suspect the USA wouldn’t want Turkey to leave NATO and align with Russia, now that hawajakubaliwa kuingia EU

We’ve seen this play several times, just down south we have Zimbabwe standing for its people and boom sanctions.
Anyways terrorism is a reserved name for Muslims.