Recently found canazole 100mg Vaginal tablets

Wadau so leo nimetoka TZ wera kufika mtaa nikaingia kwa room napata box ya Canazole 100mg Tablets na sikumbuki nikiziwacha when I was travelling. does anyone know what hizi tablets are for ama ningoje tu mamaa ajibu mashtaka mwenyewe?

Umeona elders ndio wamama, sio?

Fungus medication , Kunguru iko na infection ametoa Mlolongo kwa Yule muikamba Moo jiinga

eeeh sana sana wewe hapo

any cause for alarm??? ju after nizione sidhani I want to even raw dogg her no more infact ni abebe vitu zake asonge

It would have taken you less than a quarter of the time to google instead of asking. Unless you are clout chasing
Bibi yako ako na UTIs. Chunga asikupee

googling is okay but pia getting insights from other people sio ujinga

Huge difference between UTI and yeast infection…

Vagina expert @magreb kuja tuambie ukweli.

Hapa ,you need to investigate Kama Yule jamaa wa cheater s,you aren’t alone!!!

Fungus infection doesn’t have to be a UTI… Google is your friend…


which is which mkuu

The time it took you to create this post ungekuwa umegoogle.

It could be nothing serious. Or something of great concern. Women can get vaginal thrush for a variety of reasons. Hormonal imbalance, underwear materials, ph imbalance, soap, sex with multiple partners etc.

Canazole VG 100mg Tablet VT is an antifungal medication. It is used in the treatment of fungal infections of the vagina such as burning, itching, and discharge. It kills fungi by destroying their cell membrane.

They are distinct though may appear the same in presentation. Yeast infection sana sana hucheza na vulva na vagina while UTIs hucheza na lower urinary tract specifically the urethra and bladder. That is all I can say for now seeing as it is that most talkers hawana degrees in science based fields.

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Issue kubwa ni kama amekuambia ama hajakuambia. Ama anakubali ukute vitu na anajua ako na infection

umepimwo? fungal infections are the most common sign of HIV:D:D:D

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