Reason why you shouldn't settle with a single mother

So this guy was raised by a step-father for 25 years who he later realized wasn’t his real father.

The next thing he does is write a placard “looking for my dad” and show it to everyone who cares.

This is what happens when you try to become a step-father to a bastard.

Nature is brutal and it doesn’t give a fuck. You can’t change it no matter how hard you try.


This is not a problem because you already know it: you are not the father. Lies and possessiveness associated with single mothers should be of greater concern instead

And akina Boyce Watkins, Derrick Jaxn, Zulu and the likes husema wajamaa wajitokeze, wajionyeshe

What if his mother was banging around and obote is not his dad either. dna haifanywi na macho.

He is a a healthy adult who can provide for himself, why does he need to look for his dad? What if he gets rejected? What if he finds out the dad is currently a hopeless drunkard in a remote village who walks bare feet, will he want anything to do with him? He should first buy his step dad a gift, one of those that he can keep for many years, like a nice watch as a way of showing gratitude, for raising him like his own. Not many can do that.

He is just hoping that the dad is rich,and that he will guilt trip him into buying him nice things since he has like a ‘debt’ to pay for not being part of his life when growing up. Once he introduces himself, the father will suspect of this and might not want much to do with him. There is a MP who publicly started that he doesn’t owe his step son anything. That he is an adult capable of providing for himself