Reason Why Gatheca Will Fail in His Attempt to Unite The Opposition

Yesterday, gatheca tried to convince opposition leaders to unite and support one candidate. According to reports, he want them to back baba- gedien ticket, which they outrightly refused. These are the main reasons why it will be hard for them to unite:

  1. Handshake. Tinga showed that one can lose an election and still be in government. However, for this to happen, you must be a presidential candidate. Thus, Mudavadi n kalonzo are more that determined to be on the ballot to give them a better chance of negotiating with the winner.

  2. Tinga insistence that he must be the flag bearer. It is only a fool who can agree to play second fiddle for a third time. For the unity to happen, baba must agree to support a mudavadi-kalonzo ticket. However, raila is greedy and it will be hard for him to so this.

I do not see them uniting.

In politics anything is possible. Who knew uhunye and baba would one day be political bosom buddies.

This tym ni kunoma. It’s either baba support others or go it alone

Wajipange na watafute candidate. Ni vizuri Uhuru anawaleta pamoja, tuwamalizie mapema kama group

The most important Q we should ask ourselves is why does Uhuru want to annoint his successor…are we not capable of going to the debes and choosing whoever we want?
This just tells some of us haendi mahali.

This is genius!!! The guy does not want to retire

After the fallout with Ruto, he knows the hustler nation will not be kind to him and his people. it is all about protecting their businesses and investments.

Uhuru should declare national emergency to aid his power hungry brothers.

He has no intentions of vacating that seat.

He engineered the fall out…sisi huwa hatumuelewi which puts him in a very frustrating position with the mountain people. As in ‘hana say yoyote’.

You anus of a dog.

Why did Obama annoint his successor - Hillary and then Biden? Were Americans not capable of going to the debe and choosing for themselves?

I don’t own American citizenship, I don’t reside there…so… afraid sina habari. Nigga pls quit comparing Kenya to the UK and America when it comes to matters elections, corruption and all that.

Did Obama annoint Trump or Senator Mc Cain?

He annointed those from his own party. Turning around to tryna annoint the opposition candidate hapana.

We borrowed our democracy from the UK and USA. So if a retiring Obama could campaign for Hillary and a retired Obama could campaign for Biden, then a retiring Uhuru can also campaign for his preferred candidate in 2022 and 2027. Sote tunafuata ile manual ya western democracy. #MtKenya4Baba

Arrrrrrgh. Tafuta mwingine to latch on to. I ain’t in the mood of jogging in circles talking about fools who care not about YOU.

I saw that team nikacheka sana. Wataangushwa na Ruto saa mbili asubuhi

Hate the game not the player. Uhuru is only playing by the rules contained in the democracy handbook given to us by the US and the Queen.

Your Sukoiman cares about Turkish mercenaries not mama mbogas like you.

Hehehehehe vuta bangi polepole. :D:D:D:D:D. Mimi niko huku BoJostan with no intentions of relocating back…[SIZE=1]just thought I should remind you since unaumwa na matusi which I have zero tolerance for[/SIZE].