Reason why African countries will remain behind

Religion ndio shida. Nimeona wakuu hawatakangi mambo ya religion kwa curriculum yao.

Hypocrisy. Flynn aliwaambia nini jana?

Doesn’t make a difference. They just substituted religion with Radical Woke Homosexual studies.

Good for them. Here we indoctrinate our kids with religious folktales and nonsense

I also gained a lot more self pride when I dropped religion.

From Childhood I was asked to worship mzungu Jesus every Sunday.

I can’t believe society indoctrinated me to pray to a white man every week.

Religion is the biggest source of African inferiority complex.

Religion is just an excuse!
Before Christianity came,we were just rolling in the jungle, fucking,and swinging from trees while eating fruits,honey,and fucking cows.
Basically our environment conduced us to an easy life … Discipline pia iko zero

Thats because it was replaced by alphabet propaganda. look at their children. depressed, crazy and dont know what their gender is

Are you an ape ama…

You and Who?.. speak for yourself ape coon


Our customs and social lifestyle were corrupted.
Single motherhood was a myth then coz polygamy and wife inheritance was encouraged to ensure that no woman suffers, kids were raised communally hakuna cha mtoto wangu this mtoto wangu that, atakapopatikana aki misbehave ni discipline papo hapo without seeking permission from real parents.

Saa hii talkers with high libido would not be visiting rungu washing joints looking left right back with covered faces coz they’d be marrying several tight 13 yrs old as they wish ( My late great grandfather told me this).

Stealing public resources then isolating yourself from your community, later joining other thieves as dynasties in a posh neighbourhood was a myth.

They left us confused, divided, and rudderless…

Kagame has a solution:


Critical race theory

Words have power gentlemen, read widely and perhaps if you’re lucky you’ll learn to change your mind.

No. God is spirit. He is not a white man or a black man.

All races including black Africans are God’s children and eligible to partake in His eternal kingdom.

Eph 3:6
This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.

Rather than look up to the stars, look down upon Mother nature

That’s nonsense. Gentiles ni your clan ama?

Malisa hii cuck:D:D

Kagame is right ,mindset is what’s holding us back.

Who is we?..

Kaa mamako alizaa ape sema.

Achana na this “We” nonsense.

Leave the rest of us Homosapiens out of your "Bonobo squad " mentality.