Reason number 9 why Ruto should not win the presidency

Kuna takataka friend who is very close to Ruto na amekataa na 100K yangu .Umbwa haishiki simu always texting me “I’m in a presidential strategy meeting with doyen. Will call you back” .
Ruto apoteze then I take this low IQ first term MP pale small claims court I auction him like the retard he is .

If Ruto wins, what will you do to that good man?
(NB: Anyone scamming your ass is a good man. Makofi kwake)

Wapi Reason 1-8?

Mwambie atajipata River Yala akizoea hiyo tabia

bonobos ,I know when and how to fight my battles.River Yala is for low IQ thugs

all Rutos associates are robbers with cases in court

True dat

How dumb can you be to lend money to a politician? Hukuona Tuju akisema Ruto alisema alipwe pesa yake kwanza ya ku supply t-shirts? Can you imagine what would have happened to him kama angekuwa anatuma SMS saa hii ati “ile mambo yetu ulisema je?”

Kama unaweza kuwa conned naa low iq retard, wewe iko shida

Anyone voting for these thieves is either mad or very stupid. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Simama tukupe kura Mr. Perfect Good man who always pays his debts on time. A man who has already paid his parents debts and does not wait for them to call. A man who takes care of his family and never fails to help his brothers before he spends his money awhoring and chasing after harlots. Simama Mr Good Man

2days Mr ufyate hio mdomo refu