Reason I opt for Lanyez at times

This is a tinder conversation that I thought was going real well…sasa this passive aggressiveness ndio sioni nikiwezana[ATTACH=full]395498[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]395498[/ATTACH]

If what you are doing is right you don’t need to justify it- mwanamke kibeti 2021

The problem is you want things easy. One challenge and you are already bitching, who’s the woman here? Endea tu lanye, that’s where things are straightforward

Dating is a game of numbers. How many women have you chatted with honestly? Jaribu kama 50 before jumping to conclusions.

wewe huwezi handle rejection , anza kuapproach wanawake in real life, kwa barabara, kwa events etc. build that strong callous. You’ll be rejected 8/10 times but you’ll definitely man up!

@SledgeHammer anakula tu blueticks… ghaseer tu.

So this is a shit test??

You might be onto something, I have like 10 dates lined up, but this one triggered me…

I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said.It’s a numbers game.Be glad You even have matches ,some niggas out here aren’t getting any.Although the other piece of advice I would give you is don’t rely on Tinder alone as a dating app.Use the others as well.A lot of women on Tinder are just there for validation.Even if you get alot of matches alot won’t be down to meet up.

Try Bumble.If you match with a woman then she has 24 Hours to respond or you 2 can never talk again.It works for her because she doesn’t get weird DM’s and it works for you because you only deal with women with high interest.

Hii nayo si rejection, ni ujinga tu, she swiped right…accepted a date…willing to take the conversation to whatsapp but not ready to give out the number, confusing? Right…

Not a shit test ,just move on.She’s probably using you for attention and isn’t actually interested in meeting up.

Umwabie short time ni how much. Uwache hii umeffi ya kubeat around the bush

She’s using you for attention. There’s a guy who’s ignoring her texts so she’s using you and probably 10 other mofos to regain her self-esteem.Either that or you might be her back up plan because she senses her relationship is sinking.Either way just move on to the next one.

That’s the reason why all the men who opt for lanyez do.

When you’re dealing with ‘normal women’ you have no other option but to tolerate their bullshit, play along with their mind games etc

They are ‘normal women’ and so they work in relationships or semi relationship settings

Your only need to stack them up. As you wait for hii iivaane unachapisha wengine.

Everything got a price. Malanye wako direct but ni transactional mechanical sex. Dem wako sawa, you experience the real thing but you gotta tolerate a lot.

I find Tinder to be more civil and has a higher reach in my location so higher numbers. On the validation seeking, it’s quite obvious and I play to their tune, validate enough to get what I want, then out.

I’ll have a look at Bumble though. Thanks.

Makes sense.

Loud and clear!

Tinder has much higher numbers but much lower quality and a higher rate of flaking.On Bumble ,there was a chic I matched with at Midnight and the next Day We we’re on a date.The only reason we didn’t meet up instantly like she wanted was because I was tired.The amount of games you would have to play on tinder for that are ridiculous.

If You want more matches-Tinder. If you want more dates -Bumble.

You are very right! And on this note let me test how much I can tolerate with her…

Hahaha, I asked her if she’s up for a serious relation or casual hook up. She went with serious relation…so I play along end goal ni moja…