Realme 7i

The specs are not bad. The only weakness is the 720p display at that price range most phones have full HD display

Nliona complaints pale gsm arena…
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My friend complaints from people online that you can’t verify are real humans come from bots used by rival companies. Here on the ground realme phones are OK. Never forget that comments from the same gsm says that xiaomi redmi note 7 is a crappy phone. I’ve been using it since last year it never disappoints

FYI realme phones sold out in some shops in cbd

Duly noted…it is an indian phone,right?

No. It is a Chinese phone manufactured by BBK electronics the parent company of oppo, one plus and vivo. Realme has the quality of oppo

You have your instinctive doubts. Please, do trust them. Hio simu ni nzuri, perhaps, but definitely NOT VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

I usually note comments from over 15 different users/handles and I try to find the average. If negative reviews of issues that matter for me in a phone are overwhelming then I decide the phone ain’t good. Most of the commentators on GSMarena are usually young and insincere lads just killing their time like we do here on ktalk. But I always know a serious comment by a true user when I see one.


I do not touch anything that’s less than 1080p

Boss instead chukua xiaomi mi 9t and thank me later. Price yake ni sawa na io apo currently at jumia

I prefer YouTube videos to review phones before I buy. Indian reviewers are very honest