Reality of prostitution


@TrumanCapote mware ūga thambia maitho rì.

Respect your elders.

Ghasia Enveeee elders wakiongea unatoka nje. Makena I knew her even before your applied to KT to be admitted.

Leo Georgina ako na security kweli.

Makena, have you ever been properly dicked? The day you will be properly dicked is the day you will know why women stick with men, in spite of men being (mostly) assholes.

There’s nothing special about dicks or dicking. Don’t flatter yourself. It’s a curse. Go read Genesis you fool. Anything that causes perpetual pain that you can not let go of is a curse and in fact demonic like drugs. Simple.

The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and ADDETH NO SORROW.

sawa 2.

Chenye nakwambia is that its not the deck, it’s the soul tie. And women have a curse of soul tie. Do you remember that curse God gave that your desire shall be to your husband. Wakati huo having sex was equal to marriage and that is why if you even raped a woman it’s like you must marry her or she will not get married. So that is the power of soul tie. Kuna demonic soul tie and godly soul tie. So what these trafficked kids have is a demonic soul tie with their pimps. That’s why wanashinda wakiwarudia no matter what happens OK? Sio mambo na dicking. Tuko pamoja? These are girls who sleep with upto 30 men a day, which dick haven’t they seen? But the guy who introduced them to prostitution was the first. So they are tied to him. Even kamute works with the same principles. Unachukua soul ya mtu unaweka kwa chupa once you have sex. It also happens to men especially in Coast with the white men but not as much as women. That one needs a higher power to enforce. It’s not natural like for women.

Very interesting, on the spiritual dimension of sex. Is this also the thing that is used by intel agencies in their recruitment of agents?

Where can I get that Ka mute?

The best are in a place in TZ called Sumbawanga. I think it’s an island or something. The wizards do come down to Kenya during tourism season, they stay in Coastal towns and have brokers. It’s an entire industry like you wouldn’t believe. There’s a djinn near Malindi Secondary where I hear people go. And they pay after not before but mambo ya uchawi is a double edged sword and it is not a one off thing you have to keep going back to renew it otherwise you grow mad or the person you bewitching can hate you till they kill you. Many whites send money even after they go back to their country bcz of those spells. They can’t stop. All it takes is the spell being cast and then having sex with the person and they become your slave. Even when they are in another continent. You get money every month from someone who was in Kenya for a month. Soul ties are bad.Even one Sexual encounter can enslave a grown man for the rest of his life.