Reality hits Ruto as he finally realises that only Xi Jinping can save his garbage economy


Ungeskia hizi takataka zikisema vile they won’t be taking infrastructure loans ungedhani zilikua zinajua kitu zinasema


Do you know the Treasury can’t fund major projects? Hapa degree haikusaidia kufikiria

What the government is seeking in this case isn’t necessarily the road, but an injection of some foreign exchange into the economy by any means. The road is a side benefit, na malipo will be polepole.

Bure sana

High IQ comment sio kama hio ng’ombe iko hapo juu

America dominates the rich world, and China dominates the global south. So hata Ruto akimbie Western capitals mara ngapi, he would eventually return to Beijing with a begging bowl.

hizi loans will be the end of us

BSc degree muhimu sana. Your BArts is making you reason like a pregnant squirrel on matters requiring analytical thinking.